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  'Forever and Always'
Posted at 4/17/2010 12:25:00 AM
I like that Taylor Swift song, Forever and Always :) But the song is for breaking couples.. =="
Wait Jason and I break, then i give him that song.. ;D

I can't go on facebook, TT.... Hell~~


Just now afternoon no practice.. yay! \m/
I sleep throughout the afternoon.. So peaceful~ :) But then fight with Jason.. ==" all because of that one boy message me.. ==" haih!~~
This Jason also one people, :P I ♥ him means I ♥ him lh.. why don't want to trust me??
So.. In my sleep, i think i so sad, till my dream also sad.. :P

Speaking of sad, my uncle died.. :( Well,, i just know i had him as an uncle this year.. I'm not really sure of how he is related... :D But still.. sad~~

Oh2.. I failed in making ABC.. i think not enough ingredients... As i've said before, i'm really addicted to the canteen ABC.. :D

Oh! and... our foot drill formation already ok.. left 1 more.. hope we won lh.. so can go Bintulu.. :)
Cikgu Lee Wee Na is actually Fun and Nice :) she is not like what she is on the first day of 2010 school days.. :P LOLss~ she taught us the 1st and 2nd formation..

Oh2.. And for the bola baling competiton, Gapor lose.. :'( Lisabel say that Gapor shouldn't lose on their own field... haiz! And Matang Jaya won!.. :P The school that we're going to go next Tuesday.. hahaxx!
Oh and... Cikgu Quek ask me to change RM50 at the canteen.. But canteen no change... Me and Lisabel ask everybody.. last2.. I ask the teksi driver for some change.. :D -muka taktwu malu-
I ask for gaji skali.. :D Cikgu Roslan just give me 2 botols of mineral water.. I think that mineral water old already bh.. i saw so many boxes in the sukan stor that other day.. :P

Today is Cikgu Zaxklyn last day.. i forget to take a picture of the hamper.. :P
Yesterday i go to Selection to buy some food for the hamper and some food for the person who paid.. :P I gave the food all to Harry to distribute... But somehow he made lose the Hitto sweet.. Grr,, that sweet was my favourite.. :(

Harry say that i wrapped the hamper, with Cikgu Zaxklyn picture in the front, look like tombstone.. :D I realize that too! :P But it was to late when i notice of it... haiz!
Harry want go tell everybody, but then i ask him to shutup cause i scared people bash me up later.. hahaxx!! :P

Dhaa! ;)

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