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  'Good Friday'
Posted at 4/02/2010 06:05:00 PM
"Lord, forgive them for they do not know what they were doing...", for if the Lord Jesus can forgive what the people did to him, we can forgive what others did to us.. :) Good Friday everyone! =) may the Lord be with us always...

Even though i didn't go to church this morning, but the spirit is still within me.. :)

Anyway, let's blog long-long today.. xP haha!

ApriL is gonna be a pretty hectic week... TT, practice for kawad formasi everyday... after that have to practice for the school sports day.. TT, haih!
Oh, yesterday go to school for the Reporters' Club.. :) ehehe~ I give out the workshop idea, and i hope it will proceed.. Amen~ :P 14th April got bola baling and the school is the main host :P
haha! I remember last year bola baling competition ... That time Vero still school at Gapor, and that time we practically embarrass ourself with the Arang's team... :P hahaha! yay us! *sarcasm*

oh2.. then Jason call me lh.. :P He don't believe that i'm in the library.. so i ask everyone in the library to say hye... :D hhaha!
Jason is really really a nice guy.. :) Last night, after clubbing, he call me to say his sorry.. :P
hahaha! for 40 minutes we talk on the phone... =)

Picts i took with baby at school


Picts of them with baby


I like Harry Shirt :P Gonna post it on tumblr.. haha! ;)

---In Chemistry Lab---

-Harry's phone ring-
Harry: -Talks with his father on the phone-
Sie Tak: Harry pu you cho yien! Harry don't smoke! :P Harry dunhill! :D
Harry: heyy! xP
-Harry's phone ring again-
Harry: No! i didn't smoke.. My friend disturb me.. (in chinese)
Sie Tak: Harry dunhill! :D
Harry: Sie Tak...!!
Pris: hahahaha! ;D Harry.. Go bring Sie Tak see your father.. xP
Harry: yLoe! :@

Picts of scenery ;)



And while me and Mel walk to find food, i saw this stall.. xP
"No name signboard" cool huh?? :D

Question of the day: Which subject do you Beta students prefer to pass? Ask the marker from Desmond and write on whiteboard.
1. Music - Ming Ming
2. Add Maths - Prisz
3. Biology - YLY
4. Moral - Harry "think he so steady"
5. Physics -
6. LKJ - Banana 'Pisang'

In the beginning the word already existed,
And the word was with God,
And the word was God...
He existed in the beginning with God,
God created everything through him...
The word gave life to everything,
And his life brought light to everyone...
The light shines in darkness,
And the darkness can never extinguish it..

I tried to understand you, but you made it so hard, that I hated you.. But you make me love you back.. So I sort of stuck in the middle..

You feel that empty space in me even though you're a pain in the ass..


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