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  'I hate you'
Posted at 4/13/2010 07:26:00 PM
Why is it so hard for you to trust me??

That 11 April my house got burnt... Well... a corner only.. :D
At first i was busy on9-nin in my room... Then suddenly blackout... :( scared~
When i go to the living room i see my aircon socket is on fire...
I panic! i immediately wake my mum up.. We all panic.. LOL~
And i don't know why i ask my mum to get me a rubber hose? :P Not for water but for cooling down the fire.. ==" And guess what?!.. :P The first person i thought of is Jason... ♥
I immediately called him... Haha! :)
Then he ask me why i called him? Padahal he stays so far from me.. Like he could rescue or something.. Then i answered him, i didn't think of distance when i called him.. :D

The burnt~ When i saw the fire, i quickly push away the newspaper that was laid near there :)

The next day(12 April), I tell Mel, she say her house also blackout cause my electrical problems.. But nothing burnt.. :)
Anyways, today we got foot drill.. ehehehe~ Before foot-drilling, we went to Choice Premier and we bought Yupi and Jigs :D nyum3~ But i a lil shy to pay so i ask Mel, to pay for me the Yupi thing... :P

Its in a package :D Got pizza, fries, hot dog.. Even got cola.. haha! :P

Just now i buy the Yupi Baby Bears.. :P Then my rubbish escape from the plastic, Mel tegur me..
I say thats not my rubbish.. :P haha! Cass say, "Everyone knows thats your rubbish cause your the only teenagers that eat gummy bears" XP

Today we start foot drill quite early.. 10.20am already group together.. :)
oh2.. I suggested that Betanians, collect money to buy Cikgu Zaxklyn something cause this Friday is her last day.. :'( I think i want to take a few pictures of the gengs in class then buy some food then make it as a hamper.. :)

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