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Posted at 4/20/2010 05:32:00 PM
Skuad dari kiri, ke kanan pusing.......

Just now, skuad KRS Gapor go SMK Matang Jaya :)
I scared lh we lose.. My stupidness and blurness... haizzz!! ==" I left Charlene to drill with Dedeng..
GiLaaaa!! Like minta mati only... :'(
Nevermind lh.. Jasmine say that this is our first year, so we should just......
But i couldn't!! :( I did so many steps wrong.. hell!
Why did Sawit put me in the place where I can totally be seen even with one eye..
Totally Semerah Padi sure win want....
Their foot-drill very nice.. hff~
I hope St John try their best.. :) eheheehehehe!

Picts ;)


My leg sore... Hmm.. Today is the last day! :D ehehe.. yay!
No more foot-drilling.. Till i guess next week? Cause we still have to practice for sports day...


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