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  'My dear'
Posted at 4/11/2010 01:34:00 AM
I Him...


Long time already didn't online, TT....
Anyways, that day Jeffrey birthday, we went to Pizza Hut :) I saw ToLen!! :D ahaha!

The Spicy-Rice-Chicken that i ate... :P

Pizza! :D After eating this for a while, i started to feel uneasy.. :( I think it's because of the fat~

Dady! :D

Oh2.... Before that, me and Mel stay for KRS :) And... Jason didn't come.. :'( cause too late~
Anyways, we went to the usual coffee shop-662 Corner- :) And we ate mee pok together-gether..

Ehehehee... :D See.. Mel head half only :P I'm already use to taking photos alone :)

Anyways, that day during Bio, Cass ask me to ask about the 9 lives cat thing.. And.. Miss Chan say that, cats can be push down a building without dying for 9 times.. But after the 9 times, they fed up and just die.. :D ahahaha!
I always wonder about the 9 lives thing... And how it came about... ??
Weird lh cartoon teach kids simpLy only... xD haha!

Oh2! This morning, i oral and i sucks in it... TT, i got so nervous, till i forget what to say.. Why didn't i just wait?? :'( hmmmm,,
Chan Lek Heng did the most interesting oral.. I guess? :P He draw-ed buildings of Bench of Arab and Bench of Dubai... :D Then he say that the most tallest building is Rose Tower??.. :P And it's still under construction.. I was like, "Harry.. I thought he say haven build leh, why already got name The world tallest building?" :D And Harry was like, "ehh.. yLh hoe?" after a few minutes..
xDxD Frankly, i don't even get what Lek Heng is trying to say... :) But he can draw~~

5 stupid things, you shouldn't say during an oral with the theme, environment... ||
1. Dark is an environment,,
2. Blackout is part of the environment,,
3. 5 stupid things you shouldn't during a blackout,,
4. Burned oral assessment,,
5. Laugh :D


After school, me and meL went to the shops opposite school.. Oh! we finish school early today cause it was a Saturday... :) So we have so many times to lepak~
Speaking of lepak, that day, me and Mel got bark-ed by that dog in a pet shop =="
Anyways, i dared us both that we will eat the things we dislike :) ehehe~ so we walk and walk and walk till we find this cafe, i never notice this cafe before, but the food is really nice :D
I ate kampua mee mix kiaw :D nyum3~ I hate kampua before, but this cafe made it nice...
Than after that, we went to Choice Premier.. :) I waited so long for some person to take my umbrella so i can go in... Last2, i just get the number and clips myself.. and clip the number-clip on my umbrella.. :D ahaha! Let them~ Who ask them, nobody took care.. Ah Yong also lost go where also don't know xP

Oh2.. we bought Jigs, and........

Lunch packet.. Good you know! ;D Got pizza, french fries, cola, burger and hot dog.. haha!
I so long didn't eat gummies... ;( huuu~ Anyways, i ask Mel to pay for me cause i was to embarrass to even walk near the counter... :D hahaha!

Pimples, TT

Monday got removal.. Teacher want to remove and import people(if not enough) to join the Foot Drill Competition... Huuu~ I still blur-blur during marching.. I hope i don't get a removal cause it will be like, waste time only cause i tired2 come everyday for practice... huuu~

Hope i go in :) Have confident in self.. Amen~

Just trust me, and everything will be alright dear ;)


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