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Posted at 4/21/2010 03:44:00 PM
And you guys think foot-drilling is painless? Think again~

This morning, my whole body sore.. But i still got the spirit to stand up and go to school cause nobody say that i could skip school, and i didn't want to skip my lessons either :)

Anyways, this morning got PJK right... Catherine say got physical test.. I answer her, "my physical not okay how to do the physical test?" :P haha!
Then i went up and stay in class alone cause no one want to accompany me.. Except Joshua, but he left after a few minutes.. haha! :P
Well, I in class write my Love Story.. haha! :D Later i blog from episod to episod... :P
The story so long arh! =.=" can even make drama with it.. haha! :)
But the middle part, some how i got loss of idea.. TT, so i guess not that interesting the middle part.. :( But whatever lh.. ~

During lessons, i feel so tempted to write.. cause my creativity is very wide at that moment, when arrive home lost~ fuhh2... haha! :)

It feels so long since I've met my desk and chairs at school :)


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