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Posted at 4/16/2010 11:51:00 PM
What a long week... TT, a long... dreadful.. tiring week...
and everything will end next Tuesday.. :) Can't wait.. haha! ;D

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today is Olga and Joshua birthday.. :) I didn't get them anything but at least i remember to wish a happy Birthday to them.. :)

Oh! ~~ Bola Baling competition is today! :D 19 schools came :) I saw Arang, I saw the teacher.. I saw the flashback.. TT, embarrassing moment with them last year.. haiz!
Anyways, Amira ask me to watch them played and no need to enter class.. sot kh?! I ask teacher bout it, teacher say no need bh.. WTH~ Not like want to make a report of everything that happen.. ==" Why need to skip class? sot arh~ nevermind.. I skip class too though.. XP Skip class for foot-drilling.. :)

Picts ;)


Oh2.. Olga, Joshua, Husna skip class whole day just to watch the match :D

Pictures took during PJK, :)

Anyways, i meet Jason today.. :)
I hope no chemistry bh.. So can meet Jason early.. But in the end, i skip chemistry cause Jasmine, Dedeng, Elynna and Mel didn't go in class after foot-drill practice.. xP haha!

Dedeng, Elynna, Melvina and me went to 101 there.. and they left me don't know go where.. :P
Me plak, follow Jason walk-walk.. First we went to CC(so romantic).. :P Many Gapor students.. ish3~
I didn't know what to do, so i go tumblr-ate.. :P But then, nothing to do.. The games all so boring.. ==" heh~ Then we go find food.. Go to the cafe me and Mel went that other day.. :)
Tengah2 i relax, suddenly i see this one lady.. and his son.. GASP! Cikgu Ellena.. hahaha! :P
I panic like what arh.... !! =="
Luckily she didn't talk to me or what.. Hope she didn't see anything lh.. =)
That after that, me and him jalan2... Takda arah tujuan.. :P Go in Choice Premier and meet Lyndsay and Claudia.. yeay! :P Last2.. i go back school with Lyndsay.. :) Late for practice.. haha!
I give alasan, go shopping with Lyndsay.. xP ~~

Candid Picts of Cikgu ZaxkLyn ;)


Thursday, 15 April 2010

I got embarrass by Miss Chan during Bio.. :P She ask us to draw the sequence for the Meoisis..
So.. i started writing... Then I realize that i forgot to divide my column into two.. :P
Then i said, "Ehh... I forgot to divide my box.. Dumbass arh you Cass".. :D
Miss Chan say, "Not her but you Priscilla... After long of observing you now i know what to say..
You are someone who do so many jobs at once, then failed at all.. Like Jack the master of all but fails at everything"... :D
Then second time, is when.. She called out the names for the test we took earlier and give comments.. Then their was this one paper with no name.. And my name havent been called out..
So i say that that was my paper.. and she says that she prove her observation already.. I was so as shame at myself, i didn't know what to do so i hid my face between my KRS shirt colar.. :D
Then, when i got the no-paper-name, it turns out to be Syamsul one.. =="
Then mine is on the teacher's table.. ==".. Then she say again after reading my paper that mines' was the lousiest.. :D And even the ones that didn't wrote on anything still can get the marks higher then me.. again.. i feel so as shame and hid myself.. TT

Epic fail-er Priscilla...~~

Dhaa! :)

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