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  'So happy'
Posted at 4/18/2010 05:20:00 PM

Just got back from Spring with fifi :) Meet Jason.. haha!
Too bad his working, if not, sure he can follow me and fifi watch "When In Rome"...
That movie so nice lh.. Watch a thousand time also won't get bored.. :D
+I didn't know that the seating area was for couples =="
n,n.. the movie so short one.. :P

Anyways, before go MBO, i left fifi at Jason shop leh.. :P haha! Then go runaway buy mocha..
I realize that after drinking that mocha, i feel so tired and sleepy.. =="
Ain't coffee suppose to make me energetic?? :D
O yeah.. On the way, go back to Jason shop, some how, my mocha flew out of the straw..
I don't know how? TT, last-last my white pants got mocha stain... ish! always like that one..
Asal i wear my white pants, sure got something spilt on it.. =="

Before movie, go Ferns and eat.. The mee mamak so not nice.. :( i was really hungry before eating that mee, cause i talk about Apple Donuts.. :P haha!
But after eating that mee.. ==" ish~
Bah! Last-last go in the theatre late.. haha! :D


Picts ;)

Ruin picture only by looking at the back =="

I realise i no longer look white in pictures.. :'(

Before going back, i saw Renee.. She compliment me on my white teeth :D

The whole point of love is to put someone elses needs above your own needs~
-When in Rome

Dhaa ! :)

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