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  'Sport's Day
Posted at 4/30/2010 01:34:00 PM
Go Paus! :) ~

1st day of Sport's Day

I wasn't really excited for Paus :P haha! I didn't even care to enter Paus house.. haha!
I just stayed in my lil' stall :P
O yeah! I open up a booth for KRS.. lol.. Since many people didn't pay for their share so i decided to not use the money for KRS items.. Instead, I'll use it for something else :P
Like... bonding at KFC.. haha!
+I saw that we were out of stock so me and MeriLyn went to Choice Premier to buy some things to sell... LOL~

Picts ;)

-Was planning to use those pictures for my moral folio :)

I just fell and lie on the ground :) Nice~
Now this is a good example for posing betul2 maut XP


2nd day of Sport's Day

Now I feel the excitement :D because I was one of the runners in the relay race competition.. And as usual I FAIL!

Haha! :P When it was my turn to run, I try my best to go past the rest.. But I couldn't.. :(
Of two reason, 1st-Michelle was overtaken.. 2nd-I'm slow..
I heard screams of my name along the way.. :P haha! And I even scream back, "SIK DAPAT!!"
haha! I ran as fast as i could.. But a quarter along the way, my stomach start to hurt.. :'(
By the time I reach Melvina, I was about to faint.. Pity Mel~ She nearly faint...
I overtake her, and run as fast as my legs could bring me.. I could see the waiting line, but I feel as if it was far away.. My eyesight got all blurry.. And by the time I reach the line, I past the baton and die.. haha! :D I lie down on the ground, unable to move myself.. I didn't faint though.. I guess? Cause I could see..
The St John crew took me, and made me breath.. :D haha! I can't breath at that moment.. Neither can I speak nor move myself.. I was really exhausted.. TT,
I asked for water, :P They gave me glucose.. yuck! :D hahaha! ~ Then I try to stand up with the help of the st John, I walk towards my booth and ask Dedeng to take a picture of me XP
Then I wash myself.. I was really-really wet.. ==" I had to wash off the mud from my pants and shirt.. TT, the face-paint I did really get the best of me.. Before the race it was raining heavily..
The paint got washed off.. haih!~ It drip on my shirt... ~~

Anyways, I went to Paus House.. ~ And the teacher ask whether I got hurt.. Yeaa.. I did.. XP
my leg cramp.. Cass say cause I didn't warm-up.. But i did.. :P I did kicks in the air.. haha!
Anyways, my ex treat me.. And I was like.. :O hahaha! :P Yesterday he help with the ice bag..
~ so nice... haha! :D I told Cass, my ex treat me better than him.. :( serious~
But i Love him more than my ex.. XP

O yeah.. Face-Painting by Leo's club :))

Nicholas can become model one day :P Haha! His yesterday face-painting was better than today though.. :) Purple~ But I only got the chance to take his picture today.. haha! :P
Muka-tidak-twu-malu! :D

O yeah.. Aaron ask him to become the stall model leh.. I tell Aaron, better use him.. 1 picture with him, 50cents :D Nicholas say no problem but must have commission.. :D


After I got change into my KRS uniform, I went to lepak with the Paus~ :P haha!
Then I was suppose to follow pembarisan KRS for the closing ceremony but I was to caught up with Paus :P

Memang betul-betul maut :D




2nd-Pendidikan Khas

Pembarisan Rumah Sukan;
3rd-Pendidikan Khas

Pembarisan Unit Beruniform;
1st-ST John Ambulance

Paus won in every category :D
+I was shock to hear PKBM won 2nd... I mean.. Ermm.. hahaha! :P
oh2.. Just now Fung Cheng Yee got the Olahragawati title.. But she wasn't there anymore, so I represented on her behalf.. haha! :D But i was over on doing it.. LOL~ I act as if that trophy belongs to me.. +Cass say that i terhegeh2 bring umbrella to take the trophy.. xD
haha! People all thought I got the title.. My face look like olahragawati meh?? :P

We celebrate our winnings by eating ice-cream :D haha!


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