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  'Vanilla Twillight'
Posted at 4/07/2010 07:56:00 PM
I fall in love with that OwL City song.. All Joshua fault.. :D

Anyways, fifi come back kL already.. and she bought me a Bubi Bubi keychain =="
And she bought AbiGaiL the name keychain.. ish! :'( Whateverlh! :D

Anyways, yesterday me, Husna, OLga and Rodney ask for forgiveness from Joshua.. :)
Sorry Joshua. Sorry Joshua. Ampun =)

Hmm.. Just now, meet Jason ^^ My saiank :)) ehehehe~ Tomorrow also meet him.. :P
Oh! It was raining so heavily when I on the way to meet him.. :'( Use umbrella also no use.. haiz!
But luckily i didn't get splash by water but Melvina and Elynna did.. :D ahaha!
Then he say he at 101 cafe.. I go there, see him, trus sit in front of him.. malu aieee :D ahaha!
Mel and Elynna purposely leave him with me.. :P What such nice friends.. ^^
Then after that, we move place, go to another 101 premier.. :) I saw Debbie and her ehem2.. :P
Even got picture of them.. But i don't want to expose their privacy.. :) ehehehe~
I ate Cantonese kueh tiaw.. Such a regret that i eat that.. :( cause the kueh tiaw like burn2 bh..
bLuerk! I only eat half.. :P Pity Jason cause he's that one that pay for me.. :P
Then Mel and Lynna go back school.. :) I still with Jason rayau2.. :)) We went into this DVD shop from half an hour.. Wait him choose DVD.. ^^
Then we went to Choice Premier and see Ah Yong.. :) Funny lh me just now.. :D haha!
Kantoi with Ah Yong just now.. *remember the day when he lecture me*..

Me and Joshua plan want to update blog with notes from school :D ahaha! If think and think again, it's not a bad idea.. and if your blog got notice by someone, you might end up on the most popular blogger competition.. :D ahaha!

Speaking of school, many teacher complain that Beta noisy.. They say we act clever..
WTH~ We make noise doesn't mean we're clever, it means we're talkative.. ish =="

Love me always ;)


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