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  '1st day of muscle cramp'
Posted at 5/28/2010 11:56:00 PM

Ouu~ Cramp, real bad especially on my right arm :'(

This morning I woke up early. 5am+ already wake up. I think cause can't sleep leh, cause last night sleep early :P . Then I watch Kick Ass alone, :) Funny lh that movie. haha!

Then when I arrived work, I seem kinda lost :( and I feel like an asshole. haha! But then, everything went smoothly :)
I made new friends, heh~ first day working already got bully by people. xD
Musa go and tell everyone that I'm Marie-Claire phobic. :( then everyone laugh. heh~
+True what. That shoe brand very high arh they put in the store there. =="
I scared I fall down or what.
But that Marie-Claire brand very cute and pretty bh ^^ But erm... expensive lh. xD

Then during break, I sweat drop a lot cause I see most of the food very expensive. Can die loe. :D
haha! Better die than buy food at Spring there. xD
Last2 pun, I buy Pan Mee Soup. Don't know whether halau not? But I think yes lh :P haha!
I buy wrong food leh. xD Shouldn't buy soup as lunch cause I don't have plate to eat it.
I use Daus container. xD haha!

Mumy ask me whether working at Spring or Selection more good?
I think Selection? cause it's less tiring. Spring there many people arh. And some more have to climb up the shoe cupboard to get the shoes. I got cramp just now, TT.
But that's just the job. If cleaning, at Spring there more good. Cause Spring there just mop the shoe racks. If Selection, every morning clean fly. =="

O yeah, O yeah! The supervisor AKA mumy(not my mum) say that I'm good for a first timer. x)
Bangga la tek xDxD

Picts ;)

Taken right before the clock strikes 10pm.
where everyone is still on their last minute shoe-shop while I camwhore myself :)


I've learn that, you should reach a Marie-Claire shoes to get more commission in salary :)


That I should always fall down cause it won't hurt a bit. xD

Dhaa! ^^

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