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Posted at 5/24/2010 03:55:00 PM

JOSHUA! This is the compulsory toner you're suppose to use to have skin as smooth as my Turtle.. ^^ :D

This toner is kinda good.. I've been using it for about 3 to 4 weeks already..
And my pimples, especially at my back almost gone..
I used to use it before, but found that my pimples mostly dissapear, so I felt lazy on continue to use it.. LOL.. then a few months, my pimples reappear.. :D
haha! Sucks~~

Anyways, before using this toner, you have to ask the pharmacist to put in 1 or 2 pills of antibiotics follow suitably.. It works with the antibiotics.. so never be shy to ask them to put..

I bought the big botol for about rm7.50 :) And I asked them to put 2 pills of antibiotics cause the quantity is many... :P I purposely buy the whitening featured.. haha! :D
Oh yeah,, the pills cause about rm1.50 each..

I bought this at Tabuan Jaya pharmacy, so if other pharmacy doesn't sell Eskinol(their loss),
never be to stingy to asked your parents to drive you to Tabuan Jaya ^^
haha! (Just to buy this toner)

This one minute advertisement is brought to you by Priscilla Tawie :)

BTW, turtle is nobody alive, he's just my celcom blue bear.. haha!


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