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Posted at 5/31/2010 12:37:00 AM
Bata! :D Got sale till 25th June :) Come2~ Got Marie-Claire heels on cheap sale :D Nice2~
But I'm not interested in those, I prefer that North-Pole shoes :D OMG! so pretty ^^


Today I see Vero and Nic :) hehe. But to bad can't follow them go walk2. I'm working.

I dimalukan Musa and Raymond today again :'(
I saw that their is a name on the commision slip, JULIAN. I ask them who is that?
They ask me guess. I thought is Ah Ping, then they laugh, ask me say goodbye to her before going back. So I ask Ping lh, she say, "YaLoe2. Haiz! My english name is Julian".
So before go back, I say, "Bye Julian". Then everybody laugh. xD
Than my supervisor say, "Julian is my name lh". Ngaiti! =.="

Haiz! Anyways, today got lady want to buy sandals. The sandals 1 side size 8, another size 10.
haha! :D Don't know how can got people buy and wear different size, =="

Me and Ah Ping discuss every teenager favorite topic just now. haha!
I see got this one guy from Universal Traveller, dear colleague lh. I tell her that boy look handsome. My supervisor pun, say that she can help me with that guy. I was like, "How can I with that guy since I'm already with dear? Dah same working place again. xD

Then Ah Ping say got one guy from Nature Resource, maybe is the manager, the body tough2, and kinda handsome. So then after going to the toilet we round the place, to look at guys.
haha! xD. Like dear say, before married must see puas2 cause after married can't liao.
Erm. Oh yeah! Dear colleague that one, not handsome. Just the hair only. xP

Just now, I ask Raymond, about the kiddies size. why 13 more small than 1?
He say, that 13 comes before 1. I was like,
Haha! :D

Auu~ mak Bodo!

Dhaa ;)

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