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  'Beta Forever'
Posted at 5/08/2010 11:34:00 PM
This year is kinda fun :)

I'm gonna blog bout 4 Beta, since I have nothing else to blog bout.. :P
This is a logo of Beta stolen by Li Fei profile :P

This is the class Leng Zai :P But erm.. I don't agree so much.. haha! Sie Tak handsome, but not as handsome as Charlston ^^
Charlston look like korean-ese... Jealous I see his face, =="

After chemistry Beta-nians decided to be crazy :P

Pelepak, tsk3~ Bejang, Sie Tak and Yang :)

I think this is in the Physics lab :) Kelly and Yang.. :P I think this is the first physics peka ^^

We Beta-nians, who bring phone.. ermm.. some lh.. has the habit of messaging in class.. for example.. :P haha! Chai Khai Lun~~ LOL~ Joking lh.. :) don't know what he do there.. ?? :P

Gathering didn't bring people.. ==" see me and Cass so guai sit at our place only.. XP

This is the time where Cikgu Zaxklyn still around :'(

And this is me, in Chemistry Lab, kena buli by Sie Tak.. ==" Look at Husna cheesy face! :D
(Flashback when in 3 Biru last time, Titus always bless people like that)
+I don't know what I do,, :P Or when that happen?? But I think it was a Wednesday :)
cause Sie Tak use baju PJ~~

We love our class so much that we decided to design a t-shirt :) well, this is Charlston's.. I want a long sleeve one too, but Harry don't let.. :(

Remember this?? :P Happy Valentine all Beta-nians/2010 ^^ (pass liao, still want ucap)

dhaa ^^

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