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Posted at 5/16/2010 02:02:00 PM
Weekly dose of Beta/10 :))

See Sie Tak noob face :))

haha! Sie Tak's unseen, but seems to be seen everywhere in other people picture :P

It's chemistry working group, but I could see add maths exercise from afar :P

Olga them :)

Sie Tak?!!!~~

OMG! zaman Jahiliah~ what is Harry doing to Bejang?? :O

People all posing pretend to study, this two posing noob-ely, =="

Calculators in chemistry?? :P

My group :)) Sie Tak.. ==" ,, +I'm about to bash Khai Lun up cause he don't let me put my hand on his head xD

I seem to be hardworking.. :P The rest pose pulak, =="

This would be a nice picture if Sie Tak hadn't interfere :)

Adoee.. Alim cdak tok ehh :)) Look so angelic pure.. haha! +where got square exercise book in chemistry?? :P

Posingg maut cdak :))

Apakh?? =="

Husna look at Joshua like want to eat him, me and Olga hug2, Cass see us jealous and Rodney is peeping at somebody.. xD

I stood up Olga's table to take this picture :)) I was a bit scared that the fan would hit me.. :P
+Sie Tak like waving his hair only.. haha!

Why I so red2 like that?? ==" , +Sie Tak hug me.. heh~ I push him away.. And Yang took this picture.. LOL~

Ok now,, what are these two kids up to?? Why is Yang hand reaching on to Sie Tak.. errmm..

Pictures taken by me the other day :))

dhaa! ^^

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