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Posted at 5/21/2010 02:21:00 PM
Beta free style photo by Tommy :)
I model handbag cikgu.. haha! +LiKar look so not as usual in there.. :P Is it me or is it she's doing something evil there.. :P haha!

errmm.. This morning Bio test arh.. Sien.. Die liao lh.. TT,
I can't do it.. huu~ I don't know why? I stayed up late studying.. I studied till no go recess..
Why can't do..?? :'( confirm fail.. TT,

Everyday I look at the mirror, I sigh.. Where is that pimple-less girl? :P haha!
Ehh.. true what.. I got so many pimple now.. TT,
Want to say I less drink water, not also.. Want to say I didn't wash my face, not also..
Want to say I didn't eat my vegies, not also.. Haha! My diet everyday sure got vegies want.. :P
Anyways, want say my body so many toxic.. not also.. heh~

Anyways, I no go to Pulau Redang :P Something change my mind.. LOL
Last night, Ying message, say that she want to work.. Suddenly got this urge in me saying that I wanna work too.. So I message Suky to ask whether madam allow not to work for 3 weeks?
She say, can cause I have employee records..
Than I tell Jason.. We discuss2.. Then he say that got vacancy at Spring there..
whoa! But they only want people who work one whole month, not 3 weeks.. But 3 weeks is nearly one month bh.. So this Sunday want go Spring discuss.. haha! :P
I won't let my 3 weeks holiday goes to waste.. +I quit the Pulau Redang thing.. So this 3 weeks holiday MUST beat all the FUN they have in Pulau Redang there.. xP

Just now me and them Catherine discuss bout the Beta Day.. :P So many halangan arh! ==
This, that, this, that cannot come.. so the date always change..
Now confirm already.. Don't want change liao... Later last2 tak jadi.. :P
Beta Movie Day is on 9th June, and Beta Night is on 17th June =)
+Bejang told me that Yang got Dota competition at Sabah there.. I was like, LIAR!
Than I say that Yang choose DOTA over he's friends.. Then Bejang explain2.. Then I do my DON'T BELIEVE YOU face at him,, Than I asked Catherine.. And she was like, TRUE LH.. :P
I was like, UWAA... SO COOL! :P ahahaha~ then I think everyone sweat drop at me.. haha!

+Just now, I saw that Augustus status say that he's at Spring doing celcom roadshow..
Oh~ I tell him that, he should be careful not to get disturb by girls during the day.. haha!
*remember what happen last time* GAY LH THIS ME, TT

What's this?TT,


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