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Posted at 5/25/2010 03:00:00 PM
Today is my grandpa birthday! :D Happy Birthday HUI SZE! haha~

Me, Catherine(aunty) and Li Fei(mum) plan to surprise Hui Sze unusually cause Li Fei
don't have the time to buy her birthday cake..
I drew Hui Sze cake on the board, then I ask her to blow the candles and make a wish..
Then Li Fei ask her to cut it.. haha! she managed to cut it till 43 pieces.. (the last one was cacat)
We were laughing like hell till Cikgu Roslizawati come.. LOL

Anyways, I brought the Hrian Mtro yesterday newspaper to school.. (name change to short form for a reason)
It's full of negativity... LOL.. but still, ok lh.. less politics.. so kinda interesting..
Before recess, I was reading one column of it..
I was like, wth~ susu wanita? to Cass.. xD
Than we talk2.. Than she ask me what is susu in BM politely.. I answer "I don't know? I only know petrolis major" ... (and that is not even in BM)
Than we tried to figure it out till Cikgu Ellena tegur me about what I'm discussing with Cass..
haha! I answer her, "We're reading this newspaper"... LOL

Oh2... Li Fei ask me what is the theme for the Beta Night.. I don't know what to say..
At first I give suggestion, BLACK~ then she was like, "NO.. BORING"..
ehh.. true.. Look dull.. :P Then she suggest colourful... And I was like, "Ok!"...
Then I think about what I want to wear, and I know liao what to wear.. hahaha! :D
Then I say that even underwear cannot wear black.. Than Li Fei say before entering Hui Sze house got spotcheck underwear.. Harry them was like, "EEEHH~" Than they say it's my idea..
Than Harry say, "This Priscilla so hiao"... I was like, "joking nia"...
Than I make some more jokes..
"Example lh, Bejang come to the BBQ with black underwear, he call he's father ask to bring go home, to change underwear"... "Dady.. Dady.. I need to go home, change my underwear"..
LOL.. ahahaha! ;D Then me, Li Fei was laughing like what arh.. Till face red2~

Heh~ This morning Chemistry exam.. It was kinda ok? :) I'm confident in myself that I won't fail chemistry.. LOL.. haha! maybe can get 40+ like that nia.. hehex~

Anyways, I want change my language first :) I usually scold asshole in Bahasa Sarawak, so yeah..

Pa ndak kh kaw yh..?? Mun kaw bole dicayak, ok jwk kamiorng mok mdh rasia.. Mun kaw yh mulut tempayan, orng nok sik knal kaw pn sikmok share rasia...
Mun kaw pk kwn kaw sendrik mok tolong kaw lh, pk gk koh.. iboh mok nyuroh yh bulak kmiorng.. pdahal yh bulak kaw pn kaw siktwuk..
Sbnayh pa kaw molah yh, nang bdo lh.. mun kaw dh sik sygg gk ngn laki yh, break jk lh..
pa kes mok sktkn hati laki yh? dlok bkn maen gk kaw sggp gdh ngn besfren sndrik sal laki..
nktk, laki yh pn kaw sik hargai.. pa ndak dpk kaw yh??..
Tiap hri kaw kmfem cita ngn kmiorng sal cita kaw kat skulh bru yh.. mluat twuk sik kmiorng dgr.. pa laki nok kejar2 kaw mka kdk David Archuleta? pa kes yh? pdahal muka laki yh sik ubh2 kedak mka kaw yh..
Mun ku, sik ksh ku dpolah kaw dak tok, sik ksh ku.. ku aggp sbagai blasan cos mala palat kaw dlok.. yeah! aku ngaku ehh ku palat kaw.. P kaw yh, tpu berlebihan sik jwk mok ngaku..
Kwn ku yh, kwn kaw jwk, yh tlng kaw bla kmiorng palat kaw.. Sik jwk ko hargai.. puii arh~~
Ku pn salu jdi mngsa memalat orng cos kaw yh.. nang bdo lh aku dlok ngn kaw yh..


Bitches on the roll :)


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