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Posted at 5/18/2010 03:13:00 PM
Huh? I still remember what happen in form 2.. I send letter to someone,
with the name sign Cinderella :D

Fullmusik finally download the song for me ^^

Anyways, hows today?
Wait.. Hows yesterday first... haha! :D
I bring phone yesterday, not baby lh.. cause I scared baby get confiscated by the meanie teacher..
LOL.. Then I didn't answer dear misscall, terus I kena anok teruk2.. :'(
But then, I tell him... That this problem needs to settle.. Cannot everyday like this..
Give me pressure arh.. Haha! I even harass him, to make sure this problem gets settle...
+Harass? It's a word.. I'm not so sure about it's meaning but I really like to use it..
So.. last night.. ok lh? :) Not so sure, cause last night chacha use baby to message him... Grr,,

Oh yeah! That day Sie Tak them do experiment on a pregnant cat.. That if you put celotape on the right body, it will tempang to the right.. If you put on the left, if will tempang to the left..
But they didn't try both sides.. so yesterday, me and Mel try.. xP
The cat walk like kelam kabut only.. haha! Cruel this me.. :P That day scold Sie Tak, now self do..
Dh the cat pregnant again.. xD

Ermm.. Yesterday evening raining arh.. swt lh.. Me and Melvina was like.. erhh..
Our cucur basah kuyup.. TT, lucky the bus driver so generous lent us he's bus to stay in...
haha! :D It reminds me of when I use to used the school bus home..
Anyways, we talked about so many thinks in the bus.. Till I cry.. LOL~ wth~

Then after Mel go back, I emo2 with the umbrella.. xDxD

Dady come back liao.. :P I abuse he's wallet yesterday.. as promise.. xP
I think I depress eating yesterday? :P Non stop eating.. I know I'm not hungry, to full actually..
I didn't force myself to eat though? erm... why hoe? heh~
Today also the same.. Anytime can get indigestion.. LOL

Anyways, this morning got chinese and sejarah paper.. :) I'm so C-cing the sejarah paper..
haha! aim C nia.. Don't want aim lower.. :P
The section A was fine.. ok lh.. :) can answer.. cause I ten minutes before the test start,
I read chapter 4 :P haha! I read about the Nabi Muhammad :))
The essay was ok,, I guess? I totally hentam it.. Except for the Nabi Muhammad and the Zaman Jahilliah question.. The rest all hentam can die one.. so liao liao arh.. =="
+I didn't study for the zaman Jahilliah but still can answer.. xD haha! Some more, got debate in class that made me remember Zaman Jahilliah clearly.. :P
Me, Husna and the boys with Cikgu Lim debated that boys should die early... :P That boys only want girls for their body and that boys don't know whats the meaning of faithful and all...
+I don't know why lh?
If the negative-negative things, people can remember clearly.. If like positive things, surely hard to remember one.. :P LOL~

Then after class, before go back I go ambush that girl.. iskk~ Liar bh... she say she never disturb me.. pa kh??!!~~ Then she say my friend palat me... Nvm.. tomorrow I bring my friend see her..
Last words I said to her, "Mun ko mati, sik twuk lh ko kat cney" xPxP
+My ah gung disturb me arh.. =="

Then when dady pick me, go Popular buy books :)) spent money...~ Buy DVD.. :P
I feel good after that.. xP

At home, mumy lecture me.. cause last night fifi buy two cultural drinks.. :P She say that if don't have her, comfirm just simply get things nia.. :P then she say that we don't know how it feels like to work and earn money.. Hrmm.. Funny~ cause Jason say that too that day.. xP

Don't lie.. cause you sucks it :))


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