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  'Come back again liao
Posted at 5/13/2010 04:31:00 PM
How many times has it ever occur to you that someone is telling everyone that you're bullshitting about that someone but the fact is you don't even know who's that girl? wth~ got also people like this in the world? purposely find name by accusing people.

I cannot tahan liao.. Just shutup! ~ Don't test my anger.. Argh! I promise myself not to get involve with this kind of thing liao... Don't want fight with people.. No matter what?? ...
Don't leave me with no choice arrr!
Who are you to simply accuse me? I don't even know you bh!
What you say you're name is? Vanessa? The girl who say I steal your bf?
wth~ FYI, your ex is my ex first doee..
Now what you want? You guys break, nothing to do with me...
Don't say me eksyen, cause I never do that to you? I never talk to you? I never see you as a friend...
Wait,, who are you again? argh! =="

So nice them Alpha got suprise birthday~~ :P

Anyways, yesterday go see my dear ^^ haha!
After this, 2 weeks can't see him.. :'( exam arh~~ Then after exam, is holiday..
Don't know whether I'll be in Kuching not? mumy say want go Sibu bh..
I want stay in Kuching, but want go Sibu bh... dilema~

ermm.. I fight with my dear.. heh~ yesterday before see him, while waiting for him, I message Harry and Max.. walao! he read the message, =="
But I heran, he didn't scold me when we meet.. He scold me last night.. :P
Why hoe? usually he's not that type bh.. (people say)

Than this morning, as usual, I go school 6am already arrive.. :) But today, I bring baby..
want call him leh.. :P Want wake him up.. see whether he still angry not? xP
Then I say that I scared got pontianak cum :P Then he say he don't care.. sad~ :P
+ My twitter says everything bout what happen :P haha! Sempat twitter this morning.. xD

Today got test, Moral~ die liao larh... :P hahaha!

Just now, 4 Hijau, 4 Merah and all the lower class got spotcheck arh.. walao! I scared till like what arh.. Then some more got that Harry make me cry :'( so nice my ah pa.. huu~
I was shaking, I couldn't think, couldn't do anything.. All I know is if my baby kena rampas,
hard to get back.. waaa! :(
At first, I tried putting it in my shoes, in my socks lh.. Then I walk like what arh..
So then I ask Keith to give to his mum.. :P LIHAI hoe? xD
Keith put he's, mine and syamsul want in his mum drawer.. hahaha! :P
I was like hell worrying the all day.. :( some more with that Harry talk arh~ huu..
But then, Sie Tak was right.. Upper class didn't get any spotcheckted :P He was so proud in saying that nothing will go wrong.. sweat~
Then when I finally see baby again, I scream! :D hahaha! geez, no wonder unknown people say me kuat eksyen.. haha! :P But still, i eksyen not with them.. hahaxx!

+that boy come back again liao.. ==" always message me since just now..
He say me playgirl lh pa lh.. padahal he curankk with me last time, :'( he and that girl memang sesuai.. both always accuse me.. heh~
But thanks to him.. thanks cause he still cared.. he's the one who told me got spotcheck just now..

Cause your my husband 24 hours, including 6am just now :P


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