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  'eenie meenie!'
Posted at 5/11/2010 01:56:00 PM
The family outing photo the other day :)

Have twitter on phone liao.. haha! :P But I less use it cause sayangg credit.. haha! :P
Tomorrow start exam liao.. But tomorrow no paper :)
Wonder why the form 4 start exam so late? The form 1, 2, 3, 5 all exam liao..
But we exam 3 weeks arh,, =="

Hrmm,, This morning I think I'm the first daily student to arrive school... :P
Not yet 6am already arrived, =="
Koko have to pick someone to work.. That's why we're all early all of a sudden...~
+Fifi and Jeffrey need to be in school before 6.20am cause they have sports day at stadium..
ermm,, anyways, when I arrived, everything was so dark.. :( and scary~
I stuck in the guard house there, don't dare to enter school alone.. haha!
Then koko come in school, and bring me in.. :)
Then i emo2, guai2 sit at the staircase.. like asshole sit there arh! =="
Nevermindlh~ sacrifice, +experience.. :D

Then there's this form 5 guy and form 4 guy come..

Form 4: Wei.. Already open kh the gate?
Form 5: Already.. *open gate*
Pris: WTH~ If I know I won't be sitting here.. ass!!~~

During BM, I do my aural :) and I think, I think lh... I was AWESOME! :D
I did everything spontaneously :) and was only nervous at the beginning..
huh! ~ why can't I do better like BM for the english aural.. huh!~

+That girl attacked me on facebook, huh! ~ Brani, lai lh~
Don't know why since yesterday I search for her but couldn't find her in school~
During recess also didn't see her, usually I'll see her every time I PUM or go back home bh..
Is she hiding? xD

Dhaa! :)

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