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Posted at 5/23/2010 04:27:00 PM
This celcom blue bear :)
I went to Spring after church this morning, want to go look for vacancies with dear..
At the same time, dady need to attend the Harian Metro Launching Ceremony..
So I walk2 here and there.. Dear busy working leh.. :'(
Oh! I meet that celcom guy again.. haha! The first thing I said to him was, "TURTLE! My bear leh?" xDxD Then he say must reload RM30 to get the bear..
Mumy reload rm30 just to get the bear for me.. wee ^^

Oh yeah... I walk to many shops, and asked for vacancies :) I hope I got selected.. :(
Despite my age, I hope there is no problem with selecting me as a part time.. huuuu ~~
If not, this 3 weeks, see that Jojo face at Selection arh.. KNS~ TT,

+Dear new hair if look from front, really handsome arh ^^ But if see from side, errr... xP

Dhaa :))

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