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  'Fools in love'
Posted at 5/16/2010 02:42:00 PM
Heh.. Funny :)

The more you scold me, the more I love you..

Yesterday we fought, then he called me.. I hate it when he called me to fight over the phone..
It usually makes me speechless.. I hate the way he talk to me..
What he say.. And how he meant it..
It makes me sober so hard every time..

Now, my only duty for him is to change.. change everything..
I need he's trust to keep on moving.. It hurts when he say that he won't trust me anymore..

It's different now.. every time he said that he loved me, I cried..
I don't know why?

I just miss the way you treat me before this incident happen...
Wish I could wind the clock, to prevent this from ever happening... This is definitely the biggest mistake I've made so far being with him...

Losing he's trust puts a weigh in my heart...

As for you :) I didn't know why I acted that way... ?
But yes, I am indeed annoyed in your attitude.. haha~
Theirs still some respect left in me for you, don't ruin it completely...
I see how you hurt yourself being with them..
Why are you stubborn? Just leave this world and never come back...
It's easier.. Make a new life out of yourself..
No matter how you tried here, it won't affect anyone...
And, don't be so gay next time if you try...
I know that you're not one, but you sure act like want :)

I'm in love with the drama Cinderella Stepsister


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