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Posted at 5/27/2010 02:34:00 PM
No more curfew. No more studies. No more nagging. No more long lectures.
It's just 3 weeks of fun, stay-up-late, watch movies till death,
and best of all, Get to spend time with dear ^^

Happy Gawai everyone! :)

I just got home, take a rush bath and here I am, online xD haha!

This morning of school was kinda exciting. LOL.
We did the -fail- countdown as Charlston requested last week. To bad he wasn't in school to joined in the LAST SCREAM. :( He was to busy sick-ing at home.

Today go back 11.30am :) And I'm looking forward to end my day today cause tomorrow,
I'll be spending my time working at Spring. haha!
I guess many people won't call it THINGS TO DO DURING A LONG SCHOOL BREAK but seriously, I'm really looking forward to working at Spring. haha! :D
Can watch movie after work, can hang around dear all the time. Can make new older friends.
LOL. but to bad, on my 1st, 2nd and 3rd day of working at Spring, dear would be playing at Damai there. heh~ nevermind :) I got time to make new friends.

This morning I went to school as usual. Usual. Usual.
First test was biology. I think this morning Bio paper can help push up my -failing- Bio marks.
Than, it was recess. Then, I went into class. Still got time before mathematics paper 1 start.
So I talk with Cikgu Lim :) He say that he don't want tell my sejarah marks cause for some unknown reason I don't really understand. xD "Tu Laura fail".. I sweat myself. haha!

Then when mathematics paper 1 start, I confidently do till I saw THE STRAIGHT LINE questions. My death penalty. haha! xD
I just use my gun to shoot the answers. LOL. I hate straight line. But Cikgu Mohaini say that I can't escape it. So I'll take some time to learn it thoroughly. Just not now.

Erm. Before the clock strikes to 11.30am, people were like nervous. haha! especially me, Rodney, Olga, and Keith. Rodney was like, "I feel butterflies in my stomach". xD
Then when Cikgu Ling say, "Ok! Time's up~" some people do the LAST SCREAM. :P
I don't know whether I got follow not? But I know that I felt excitement in me. haha!
Cikgu Ling was like, "Please don't act like monkey." Kecian dia :D
Really happy that holiday is starting and exams are over.

I take a deep breath and walk out the school with Cass and Mel.
+I think Cass's mum and I think alike. We two same birthday leh. haha! :D When I say that her mum come early, sure come early one. Like yesterday. Than I try today to say that her mum come late. Really lh! I go back more early than her. LOL

When dady come, we go bank first. Then pick fifi and Jeff. Then go oneTJ there eat.
I saw this one guy who sits in front of me. Really like action2 like that. But I don't know why, it suits he's face and I don't really mind. +He looks like one of my ex lh. LOL

Than after finish eat, sent fifi and Jeff home, then go Spring to do the interview.
From the first, the supervisor speaks english to me, then when dady come, she talk chinese to him. sweat~ He look like chinese kh? xD people always like that. :D
Got some time, people talk to me in chinese, either I respond in english or I ignore them. haha!
Oh! The supervisor say that, If got my friends who are interested in working there, can go see her. YINGGGG!~~ Haih! If she stay nearer, sure I ask her work with me bh. :(
If ask Vun Lim, I think he want study? Don't know lh? Evelyn? I can't contact her. huu~
O yeah! ehem, ehem. If you know I won't be pleasing for you to work there, please don't work there. haha! :P


Happy Holidays and Happy Gawai people! :)


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