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  'Happy Mother's day!'
Posted at 5/09/2010 03:30:00 PM

Happy Mother's Day ! :)

I'm not able to make you happy today, But I will for your birthday next week, mom :)
BTW, I love your cooking today, ^^

My water you fill for me everyday for school is tasty too! :P I wonder how I get so tasty water when my friends water taste ugly.. haha! :P
Maybe cause you fill my water botol with love xD

Teenager's like me should be washing their own clothes, :(
Each night I felt pity for you washing it for me, I promise to do something for you in the future :)

Does it hurt when you gave birth to me? Does it hurt when I disobey what you say?
I'm sorry.. :(

I use to watch drama's with you, But now I'm either not home or busy onlinening..
Are you lonely? :'(

Wonder what you're always thinking?

I love my mom, :) Agnes Tiong Hie Mey ^^

Pris: Maa! :) Your son in law says Happy Mother's Day :)
*shows the guy in the RM1 note*
Mumy: =="

Dhaa! *wink*

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