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  'The Hills'
Posted at 5/05/2010 10:18:00 PM
My dear :)
Bodo.. I use VGA on him, didn't know.. TT

After school, I go see my dear :P haha! He come pick me up use taxi =="
Go straight to see his mum.. dup, dap, dup, dap.. ~
anyways, went to Hills for the first time :) kinda cold inside there.. Colder than Spring.. walao!
hahaxx!~~ Nothing inside there yet.. :P LOL~
Then go Parkson, force self to eat KFC Zinger burger.. ewww~ TT,
And walk2, then back to his mum office :)
His mum critic my hair, say my front hair to long till cover my face.. :( haha! :P Maluu~~

The stupid Gerko that couldn't keep still while taking pictures =="
Took pictures of it during PJK lesson :) cool huh?? Plus some more weird animals picture in my phone.. hahaxx!

I got four legs :P hahahaha!
+Just now PJK we do the physical test thing :) My height is 165cm :D And weight is 47kg.. Can you believe that or not?? :P LOL~ cause the last time I check, I was 48kg.. I lose 1 kg.. :P

Anyways, yesterday I use Kevvy's phone :) Cool lh... haha! :P
+I finish my story liao, will type it and make it into a book during the three weeks holiday :)

God created every angel with a protector. So love is actually fair in the hands of God when we meet the right one :)

Dhaa! :P

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