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Posted at 5/26/2010 02:57:00 PM

Homophobic Men

Dudes who be the main ones acting like they're homophobic be [lowkey) the gayest ones.

Why are you afraid of a gay dude? Maybe he'll touch you &you'll like it? Is that it? That's sure as hell what it seems like ! Any man who's SECURE with his "manhood" wouldn't care about a gay dude being next to them or in the same room as them. It shouldn't matter anyway as long as they know you're not gay &they dont hit on you. Most gay dudes won't mess with you if they know you're not gay. Funny thing is, a gay dude can spot another gay dude whether he's lowkey or not ! Homophobic ? YOU'RE SUSPECT ! -_-


Women's Worth everything

I'm sure every woman and man has experienced someone in their lives that has made them feel like absolute crap. That someone being a person you loved more than anything more than life itself. Being in a relationship with that someone who constantly neglects your mind, body and soul. Making you feel less of a woman and detaches you from logical thinking to realize you don't deserve what you're being given.

Nothing p*sses me off more than seeing a beautiful, amazing woman in a relationship with a boy. Not a man, A BOY! A man will do anything to make that woman feel so good, so amazing, and like nothing in the world matters to him but her. A boy beats you down emotionally and tries to break you down. I mean women really need to wake up and realize p*ssy is power, yeah I said it. Your worth is priceless and you shouldn't take sh*t from no man. I honestly really wish all women would see they deserve MORE in a relationship when they see things are so wrong and so out of place but this all ties into one of my other articles ''The Heart''. People think with their hearts and forget everything else and forget they deserve only the best.
All i'm saying is WOMEN mostly, Stop letting crappy dudes walk all over you. There is someone out there that will treat you like the queen u should be treated like. You should never settle for the bullsh*t when all it does is break you down and makes you feel like sh*t when you aren't. Women are the most BEAUTIFUL creatures to walk this earth but ya'll complex, confusing, and evil! Lol but I love y'all and i'm only speaking this to hopefully open the eyes of those chicks who are settling for less and hopefully keep the eyes already opened on they toes so they never fall into that ''slump''.

Your worth is priceless, Never let a dude make you feel any different!
Never settle for less

I got this from The Killer Truth.

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