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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 5/03/2010 07:08:00 PM

I love Kevvy phone's :(

LG KS360 :P
Sakai I see and sowt I use.. haha! :P
I suggest that we two exchange phone for a day :D I use his, he use mine :P Kan best?
Comfirm I SS use.. haha! :)

I lepak with him, with Mel just now before and after PUM :)

Haha! We we're talking about some girls pictures being so SS.. :P
Then we talk2, then he say that some people like to take pictures of their shoes..
Up that picture is my shoes and his :) Which is mine, and which is his? XP

This morning I come to school trus write on the board,

In a relationship, which gender(girl/boy) are not to be trusted? Why?
1. Boys!! Their needs. -Pris
2. Girls. Their needs $$ -Kiam Khai
3. Both. They pollute the earth. -Desmond
4. Of course not girls. But some girls can't be trusted. (excluded our class one) -Catherine
5. Both cannot be trusted. -Forgot who?
6. None. My parents still kekal. -Janice

Dhaa :)

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