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  'I miss those times'
Posted at 5/19/2010 02:15:00 PM
If last week, now.. I with Jason :) Miss him.. :'(
This week can't go out leh.. Exam arh~

This morning got chinese and BM test but I don't take chinese lh :)
So, me, Olga, Husna, Joshua talk together-gether :)
Then got that Cikgu Quek come in for PJK period.. Me and Olga help him to check the PJK test..
I got 50%... woohoo! Go up.. :P
Anyways, I asked him when Cikgu Soo want to give birth.. He say that she's at home, in pain since 4am.. We was like, WHY IS HE SO CALM?? Then he say let her be in pain..
Then I say, If my future husband like that, sure he kena with me want... LOL~

Me, Olga, Husna suggested to have our hair cut next week :) Then they say want make over Cass.. LOL.. :P She's actually pretty, she's just shy that's why she's like that... xD

Just now, BM test was ok? :P I think I overdid for section B.. :P I did 589words :) all about Mothers.. hehexx~ And section A? arh...~ Die liao lh.. TT, I don't have any idea for the abusing internet thingy.. heh~ Lucky the mark for section A not so high.. If not I go sohai.. LOL.. kidding.. XP

Ah yes! Forget liao.. :P This morning Cikgu Mahani come in class, say that got this Marine Camp..
I put in my name.. :P The condition is, clever, active in KK, good health and know how to swim..
The condition is okay, except swimming.. GOD! I don't know how to swim but I still put in my name.. Nvm2,, next week I go learn.. haha! xDxD I wanna go to that camp doee :'(

My bekal this morning.. :DD Water, vitagen and Oat krunch.. nom3~
Enough bh :P I feel full after eating the oat krunch.. and feels satisfied drinking vitagen after that.. :)) It looks cute together.. that's why I take a picture..
+I don't normally bring food to school.. so yeaa...
n,n.. The canteen food so urrgh... ==" expensive some more.. isk~

Tomorrow physic, DIE :)


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