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  'I miss you dear'
Posted at 5/15/2010 02:14:00 PM
Seriously, I do. How? :( I don't know again liao... :'(

Come, come I tell story..
Once upon a time,
their is a stupid girl who did some mistakes till the love of her life no longer trust her..
He forgive her, but then.. don't know lh? what happen? :(
Guess he no longer believe her, that any reason won't change anything..

Yesterday, I told J that my form 1 ex ask for my number and the form 2 one keep on bugging me..
He say, sure I got layan them one.. I oppose lh cause I know it's not true..
I didn't layan any of them :( oh! some more he go and ask me to die.. TT
Than after we fight, he no reply my message.. At 1am, he say he at club, drinking till drunk..
He ask me don't disturb him.. :'(
When I read the message, I cried.. Than I say I want my old dear back.. Not the one who careless of me.. sobss~
Till now lh we no message.. sad right? I can't concentrate in anything everytime I think of that..
Go home, also like no purpose again.. Huu~
I this, so mempersiaksoikn betul~ :'( always make him angry.. and sad~
Yeah dear, I'm useless.. never learn to appreciate.. always want more than what I had..
Selfish, self-center... stupid, I understand~

But if I ever lose you, I won't ever forgive myself :'(

Anyways, this morning I follow Marc go school.. Koko go semarahan there..
Marc share a lil something about he and that girl,
He thought me that, no matter how hard, you try to force yourself to love someone in the end, it will never work..

Then go back also follow him.. He wait for me, I wait for him.. In the end, both late..
But I was the latest lh.. :P hahaha!~
Neways, me and his father chit chat.. LOL.. he's father advice me on how to study properly..
He said that maths is just like a game.. LOL~ :)

+After the PJK exam, I decided to take a nap.. such a nice nap.. :P
To nice till I doze off not knowing the time.. haha! 5 minutes after the test finish, I woke up..
Cass say that it was hard to wake me up.. LOL~
I guess, waking up at 4.30am every morning and sleep at 11+pm every night really get the best of me... heh~

Oh! Beta got one plan leh.. on 9 June, want go watch movie together-gether :P
than at night go Hui Sze's house BBQ :))
+me, Li Fei, and Charlston write on the white board like what arh.. haha! full one side :P

Well, this is a remix.. I wanted to take a picture of the actual one, but no phone :'(
so I just write everything down.. haha!

I purposely choose the date 9 June, wednesday.. ahahaha! xD

Oh! and.. Yes.. so what I betray you? I thought you never care..
In class, you beside me, bknyh want to talk to me... Talk with your geng..
Till one day I really meluat with you..
Sometimes what you say really disguise me... eekk~
why you rasa kacak?? Your attitude like that, makes you look gay-er..
Enough lh... I don't want to hear anything from you anymore again... =="
I always jadi your mangsa pendengar..
everytime you got problem with them, I lh jadi your mangsa...
I terpaksa dengar..
at first it was ok, till I wanted to talk about my problem one day.. But then, can go back to
your problem.. wth~
So.. please.. stop using me... I don't like it....

Sapa yang makan cili, dia lah yang terasa !

I'm fine is just a pretty lie dear.


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