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  'Orang Hutan'
Posted at 5/01/2010 11:08:00 PM
The Americans pronounce orang utan, a-rangg au-tan :)

Today is one of those busy days :D

Today is Labour Day :) Where people don't work... But somehow, some people need to continue on working to serve the people who don't work :D For example the coffee shops waiters, the shopping malls workers excetra :)

As usual, 1st of May is the day where KDJA(Kuching Division Journalism Association) organize an event for those KDJA members family, and called it Family Day :P
Last year, it was held at Damai Beach :) And I still can remember how my ipod die in the water last year :'( sobsss~

Anyways,, today we went to Semenggoh Wild Life centre :)
During feeding time is where the orang utans come out and the visitors gets busy with their cameras :)) LOL~~
After we watch the orang utans, we went to the souvenir shop to grab a bite :D
I came in hungry, but went out full.. LOL~

Picts ;)

Almost same black as the orang utan doll =="

Then after that go Sarawak Plaza buy stuff :)
I wanted to buy that shirt, but saw it at the kiddies area... I scared that shirt wasn't meant for me so I didn't buy it... :)
But after that went to Teck Kong, buy shirt and quarter pants XP hahaha! unbranded stuff are sometimes cooler than branded stuff :))
But still.... branded stuff are always the best... hahaxx!
+I want an oreef pants.. where to buy??

Then in the evening, go church for the Carry The Call concert :D whooot!! It was AWESOME!!
I invite Cassandra :)) Hehehe.....

The para Carry The Call :)

Musician was AWESOMER~~

Its funny how Cass can make me curse so easily =="
Hate when she does that XP

Oh dear Lord, I'll go.. Send me! ♥


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