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  'The pass'
Posted at 5/11/2010 04:33:00 PM
Let's talk about the pass before I offline :)

I had this sudden thought of talking about my exes.. xD

1st- mohammad norAZRI :) - 2005~2005
: My 1st love? hahaha! xD Kecik2 already have boyfriend..
That time I primary 5 :) We mula rapat when class teacher put us sit together in 2004..
But he confess to me that he love me, or more of a puppy love me when we primary 5 :P
But when primary 5 got this girl, eksyen glak ku ngga.. haha! always want near2 with him..
Hate this girl, but still want to lepak with her :P
So.. he gave me a flower, it layu when we putus.. oh2, we putus cause of music teacher :(
she say that we shouldn't be in a relationship at this age.. LOL~

2nd- WAYNE fernandez :) -2005~2007
: I know him during librarians meeting :P We laugh2 together2... haha! xD
Then he always come find me before class start, then me, phyllis, him and Mun Ho lepak at canteen there :) We always together lh.. hex~ He primary 6, I primary 5.. :P
+he ever go my house on CNY when in 2007 :)

3rd- BRANDON anthonius :) -2006~2006
: Aiee.. Tak heran kh? Kenapa clash tahun ngn Wayne? xD hahaha! emm.. skandal bh :)
kecik2 already know this kind of stuff.. lihai hoe me? :P anyways, Wayne and me no more contact bh.. so don't know lh? ... :P but me and this guy only a few days, not come to 1 week.. xP
Cause I say I don't want curankk.. xD haha! kesetiaan~ After break, I layan him as my brother only.. :) Me, him, Keith and Amirul ^^ Last time primary 6, my girl-friends palat me one :'(
so them 4 lh my bestfriends :P haha!

4th - mohammad FAIZ :) -2006~2006
: Another skandal after Brandon :P haha! I puppy love this guy bh :) haha!
My friend help me with him.. LOL~ say want setia, but.. check2.. :P erm.. For his birthday I sanggup give him my Duel Master cards :'( yess.. Ladies and gentleman, I use to play Duel Master :D I use to have a lot, but i don't know what happen to them in the year 2005.. :P
Then during the year 2006, Brandon buy me some.. :P But i gave them to Faiz.. whoa~
Then, Brandon emo2 after that.. :P
Oh yeah.. I didn't ask to be with him lh.. He go and terhegeh2 ask me to be his gf on hotmail.. haha! :P
Ermm.. me and Faiz 3 months only :) Then he curank with my friend,, urrr! Same class some more! nevermind~ I don't mind :P (lie!) Then he curank with that girl aher2 tahun :P
Heh~ pakh~ that time after UPSR leh.. :)

Aher taun got jamuan for primary 6 lh :) I got win lucky draw simcard, so I use it to message Wayne.. hehexx~ But then something happen :S wrong things.. why I so like that one?!
Almost curank with Brandon again.. haha! :D
After enter form 1, I feel bored with him so I broke up with him using FS :)
He called my sis, and complain.. say me childish, mata duitan.. and so on~

5th - KELVIN thien jit how -2007~2007
: This boy? .. How I with him hoe? :P haha! Last time one of my bestfriend ever like him, now no more bestfriend cause I guess I palat her? :P haha! But she say she no more like him.. urr! How I know.. kn? :X He always chia me eat.. :P chia me this and that.. If go back, wait for me then we walk2 together :) He use front door, but still sanggup wait to walk with me at the back door..
Got one time, raining, we use his jacket together2.. :P
Then after prefects-nomination, he curank.. well, he didn't curank lh.. He ask that girl to be with him, but she don't want palat me.. Then on my birthday, he gave another girl a necklace.. walao!
And on my birthday to, he stole my first kiss.. xD wawawa~
Hate that guy,, Lucky Arthur tell Pat tell me.. If not I sure kena tipu want xP
+me and him kira2 together for 4 months nee :)

6th- CHAN Boon Fong -2008~2008
: My first true love :) I know it's true.. LOL~
I still can remember everything.. ermm.. Awal2 taun, G ask him to help G to pikat me.. LOL~
He say that while doing the mission he fell in love with me too.. Haha! when G know that he stole me already, G frust till he go and pikat me himself.. But i didn't layan.. :D Chan say G many skandal, that's why I chose Chan.. Wonder what happen if I chose G??
ermm.. then during Valentine, he didn't see me at all, then when finish recess, Pat bring me see him at taman there.. :) he wish me Valentine and ask me to close my eye, then he pasang necklace on me.. :P I was so flattered at that moment.. :)
Me and him almost one year together leh.. :P We break cause I'm not number 1 in him and his heart.. get it? :P he curankk with me truk2.. I dijadikan curank skali.. huu~
We always on, off, on, off leh~ I still remember when we first time off cause something i forget, he go and shock himself with electric.. second time we off, he go and break the class glass window.. heh~
Anyways, he always masuk kaunselling cause he's not the very good student.. :P And I always follow cause he wanted me there with him..
And every night, around 2+ he would misscalled me, cause he can't sleep cause he had that pain in the head.. wonder if he still does?
Many thing lh about him that makes me believe that I'm falling in love over and over again...
He may not be the best, but he'll always be the teacher of my love :)

7th - RAYMOND Siao Aik Sung -2008~2008
: Me and him only for a while.. hex~ When me and Chan break, he come and chat2 with me on fs... Then Boniface say that he ask for my num... so I give loe.. LOL~ I love to ejek his name.. :P
Well,, he message me and minta borang.. :P so I approve lh.. But still in love with Chan at that time.. :P Then cause he use maxis so after i trima him, we didn't message for a few days... When he finally message I already on again with Chan... So I break lh with him.. :P He asked me to learn how to be faithful.. sweat~ then some more say want rogol me... pakh?!
+read my JULY 2008 post about this :P
then after a few weeks, we message back again.. But as friend.. He knows how to make me happy :)

8th - chrisTERN raj -2008~2010
: I know him from Vero :) Vero's uncle.. LOL~ We had less memories together but better than Raymond cause me and Raymond no memories xP
Errmm.. jumpa pun susah,, :P last jumpa at his house during deepavali.. LOL~ me and him memang already lepas one year, but i break with him for Lemon.. haha! :P
His father ever called me.. I'm still shock by that :) anyways, his a nice guy.. But I don't really love him that much... =| Just sometimes,, but i don't think that's love.. :P
We had our ups, and down :)

9th - JASON joseph james -2010~present ^^
: My current fiancee.. haha! :P He really knows how to sweet talk till I fall in love.. =="
How i know him?.. through facebook :) he's my sis friend.. :P he ever come and stay at my house but that time I go Sibu.. wonder what happen if we known each other since before?
Oh! his ex-gaporian! :) I still remember he ask me for my introduction.. I answer, "My name is *points at screen*, My age is *gives calculator*.. :P"
Then he ask for my number, I don't want give.. wait he give bh.. He finally give me his num 2 days after I go spring with them Olga.. sweat~ :P he makes me realize how small Kuching is.. haha! ermm.. before he give me his num, and after he ask me for mine, my heart always say something unclear bout Jason.. It make me feel like I need to know Jason.. xP
I with him on 2nd April, :) already two months plus we together :P
I think, I think lh.. I first fall for him through a conversation on phone? :P He's drunk and saying somethings :) really make me terharu only.. Then I was sure I love him when I first saw him :)
Really miss him :( I can't concentrate in school sometimes, pun cause of him..
And I believe, his my 2nd true love :)
Even though we just together, but we had so much memories together.. haha! :P
Anyways, i go find Jason at Traveller.. erh~ whats the name of the shop?? Forgot... :P
I always run away from dady just to find Jason.. haha! xP I'm disappointed in myself.. =P
Then i always appear in his shop... But nobody attend to me so i run away....
Then, i sit opposite his shop... He stand in front of his shop veranda.. Then we message2..
I ask fifi, why the workers use phone during work and i can't last time? She say maybe the boss no around.. Then, me and him message2.. Then we always look at each other and laugh..
And thats when fifi suspect something.. xD She ask me, why that guy always look at me? and i also always look at him? Then i say i don't know? Then i call him to make sure.. Then he answer lh.. Then i put down... Then fifi say why when i call, he answer, when i close, he close also?...
I didn't answer... xP Then fifi say his my new boyfriend.. I say.. no! i'm window.. :D
28 March 2010
Dhaa! :)

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