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  'Secret Recipe'
Posted at 5/24/2010 03:31:00 PM
I got totally bored during english test this morning :)

I forget to add a few items on my yesterday blog post.. haha! xD

23 MAY 2010
Ermm.. Fifi phone drop at Secret Recipe.. She only realized that when Jason take out he's phone..
LOL.. ass~
Then after forcing myself to eat, I saw dady at Secret Recipe feasting.. waa! So I went in and asked what is he doing there? He push me away... TT
Then when go back, he explained that their were VIPs, such as Datuk Abang Johari, one of Kuching ministers.. LOL.. and also got my father's bos from KL.. walao!
I really embarrassed my dad yesterday for him to lecture me so badly.. LOL.. haha!
How was I suppose to know, they were VIPs... Nobody tell me bh :(

Yesterday I receive an unexpected call from Bata, Spring... LOL..
I didn't asked for a vacancy there, the supervisor called me.. she say that she got my number from Axesx.. Bah! How to spell that shop name? =="
Anyways, she asked me to come today, but dady refuse to sent me cause he say it's exam week..
Not fair! I only go for the interview, not start work immediately.. huu~
Nevermind~ I call the supervisor later, say that this Thursday I go find her.. I don't care...
I berdegil wanna work at Spring.. LOL.. like I tell Cass, that it's a once in a life time opportunity..
I can't miss it.. I might not get another chance :'(
spending the whole month, everyday with dear is something valuable ^^

Ermm.. This morning, Cikgu Ling give back the add maths, paper 1 back.. I sucks~
get 9 over 100 nia.. wth~ DIE liao lh... TT, sure when dady get my report card, he lecture me truk2.. Dh my UT1 results not pleasing.. huu~ Hope only add maths and bio(Not yet give back, but already know I fail) fail bh.. the rest cannot fail... waaaa!!

Yesterday night I dreamt that Jason pick me up from school :) He bring me to he's home..
Then after eat, he fell asleep on he's bed, and I was kinda sleepy too..
But that time I was busy messaging Melvina.. I lie down beside him, Mel say that Cikgu Choo Ai Lin geography class wanna start liao.. (since when, I take geography)
Than I was like, "Urgh... so sleepy", terus i sleep beside Jason... haha! What happen if that really happens?? o.O ,, ermm.. neways, The next day we both woke up...
wth~ so long sleep arh... From afternoon till the next day.. =="
Then he send me to school.. swt~
At school, i got scolded by Cikgu Choo for missing the afternoon extra class... waaaa~
Really funny dream ^^

Sucks to be me :)

Dhaa ^^

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