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  'Why Men hit Women'
Posted at 5/26/2010 02:48:00 PM
Why Men hit women~

Every girl say they hate men who hit women and they wonder why and imma tell u why..even tho I've never hit a girl tho but times i been pushed so close to the edge i was ready 2 sock a b*tch head through a hummer window and....

b*tches always trigger us more and eggs us on when your in a fight with yo man and u up in a n*gga face screaming and sh*t like u crazy b*tch u liable 2 get 'up @ anytime. And hard headed bitches who don't listen sum b*tches need men who are aggressive and demanding but expect not to get fucked up now and then.. A n*gga try be nice nd sweet a b*tch use men kindness for weakness i guess. Every relationship where i was nice and sweet in a relationship was always the times i was closest to hitting a girl. Talkn' about "nigga u ain't gone do sh*t" b*tch yes i will. Shit 1 time i was @ the gas station and i seen this couple arguing "2 white ppl" and this b*tch got knocked out it wasn't event funny..i seen everything in slow motion. If u would of = seen how he cocked back his arm and how he connected 2 the head i was like "ohh shit why he do her like that" i don't know why she ain't try bob nd weave b.c it was like he hit her out the blue this nigga look'd @ her for a few seconds wit the "imma fuck you up face" cock'd back then hit her lol this white bitch was all in his face pushin' him and shit that's 1 thing u don't do 2 a n*gga when yall arguing is "push" b.c are natural instincts is 2 knock yo cockeyed ass out . People say men who hit women are bitches i use 2 sum aspects of that . But yea imma give u warnings when a man about 2 fuck you up.


1. A man can only take so much after a while y'all fight fight fight and u always push him he gone do it so beware
2. If he ever ball his fist up nd flinch..he the type 2 hit yo be aware
3. If @ parties and clubs he try fight every n*gga u dance with he one the types to hit yo ass
4. If he always up on my my space comments and sh*t and confronting u every day he the type to hit yo ass
5. He try 2 wife u on the 1st convo ? 1st sign of a crazy nigga hell hit yo ass talkn' about "i feel a connection wit u that Ive never felt in a girl" pshh
6. If y'all textin and u reply slow sometimes and he always re text and textn' 50 million question marks talkn "yea ok...yea ok...hmm ?...???...where u go ? now u cant reply ??.. Bitch wtf u doing ???...???? ok hit me back later smh"
7. He meet yo parents actin like he a grade A Harvard student knowin' damn well he bang he the type that will hit yo ass he faker than lil mama weave
8. He got a kid that he not allowed 2 see and his ex gotta restraining order on him he the type to hit yo ass he crazy
9. If he like super sweet and romantic for the 1st 2 weeks then he expect sex he he trip wen he don't get it hell really fuck u up lol..n*ggas don't play wit pussy that they put in 2 weeks a work for.
10. If a n*gga drink more than he is sober that's just sad for both of y'all..b*tch u should get yo ass beat.

I've got this info on;
The Killer Truth

LOL.. It reminds me of someone.. *look at other place*

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