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  'Your love is my drug'
Posted at 5/07/2010 04:19:00 PM
You suppose to know that I'm fragile :)

This morning school got spotcheck arh.. Walao! by teachers some more :P
Steph and Abby told me and Olga,,, we spread the news to everyone :D anyways, Steph and Abby say that, the teachers spotcheck like what arh.. In rubbish bin, under desk, under table, in girls bra(o.O) and so on,, all they check.. LIHAI hoe the teachers?? heh~
But we form 4 no kena leh.. :) Sia2 only form 4 and 5 kelam kabut.. haha!
Anyways,, today i alim bh.. Didn't bring my phone :) Cause before school this morning, mumy say, "Don't bring phone arh.. Later teacher take".. That's why I didn't bring.. :P Because I know if I didn't obey what she say, so many things could happen.. haha! cause she's my mom :)
During the times where everyone kelam kabut, got some people ask me, "How your phone?" :P
I answer, "I didn't bring bh,, cause this morning my mother ask me not to bring cause she say later teacher take bh" :P Then they do that face to me.. haha!
Harry responded,, "Weii,, if your mom say like that again, message me" :P hahaha!
My mom psychic! :D
Anyways, the students more LIHAI arh~~ They hide their phones in storeroom.. :P Some ask the canteen people to hold.. some hide in someone's car.. some hide in the school hall... walao!~ So clever :D

Oh2.. during Moral, was tense ==" Cikgu Roslizawati threatened us, that if we lie about Olga and Joshua absense, she'll give us demerits.. I was like,, what the~~ She interrogate me so many times.. :(
I didn't want to palat Olga and Joshua but I didn't want any demerits mark either... So I was stuck.. Feels like I'm hanging on the end of the cliff.. :P I shut my mouth only lh.. Then she threatened everyone.. haiyaa~~

Anyways, Mother Day is coming.. And so is Father Day.. :) I was thinking of making something while combining both days.. ^^ And make it Parents Day :P

I'm tired today :( I'm tired cause I was to busy thinking of you. What you do? Already wake up not? Already arrive work not? Eat already? And so on....


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