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Posted at 6/16/2010 10:50:00 PM
Awwww :'(

Today Daus and Musa no come.

Oh2, got one customer. He come with he's fiancee and little brother :)
He want to buy the weibrenner shoes :P so I serve him loe. I thought he is gaok kinda person.
But he's actually friendly ^^

Pris: Ah choo! Ah choo!
HIM: sejuk kh?
Pris: Tidak lh. Ada orang gossip saya.
HIM: oh! begitu. heh~ Celaka itu orang hoe?
Pris: Apa?
HIM: Celaka itu orang yang cakap pasal kamu.
-Little bro pass by-
HIM: Kamu cina kh?
Pris: Yeah :)
HIM: Kamu maw dengan adik saya kh? tu dia.
ADIK: Huh?
Pris: Huh? aiee. adik? tak caya saya. :D macam anak dengan bapa saja.
HIM: Adik saya lh tuu.
Pris: haha! berapa umur dia tu? :P
ADIK: hehe.
HIM: dia baru 20 lebih bh.
Pris: bahahaha! saya umur 16 tahun bh.
HIM: Aie. yakaa? :O
Pris: yela ^^ saya sudah berpunya. sudah bertunang.
HIM: Oww. saya pun sudah bertunang. oh! kamu sudah bertunang?! Ah. tadi kamu bersin tu laki kamu yang cakap pasal kamu tu. dia curang dengan perempuan lain.
Pris: Awh! yaka?! jaga dia nanti. haha! :D
HIM: Kamu takmaw dengan adik saya kh? Kesian dia bh. :D
Pris: haha! :P

*Himawari: Mak Shin Chan. suka tengok laki. Don't know why Joshua, Phin, Musa, and Raymond named me that name. :DD


Twisties ^^ Got some customer leave it beside the sofa. Then Joshua see, he ask me to go and get. I don't want. Cause that time got other customer standing over there. It could be theirs.
So when they leave the shop, Joshua quickly snatch the Twisties away. xD bodo!~~
Then in store,we go and open and eat. haha! :DD Crime ar! :P
If that customer come back and asked for it, we'll answer "In my stomach liao". :D
Haha! but fortunately he didn't =)

Sedang2 I eat Twisties, suddenly Jason call. haha! asked me go out. :P for dinner break. walao!
We go out Spring to the junction shop there :)
I realize, everytime I with them, confirm Abin got talked about Jason ex. =="
Like nothing to talk about. Oh! they say that working in Spring is like a school. But it's a little bit different cause Spring different uniforms and so on lh. Yeah~ I also feel like that =)
I'm gonna miss working there. not because of Bata lh, cause of Spring. haha! dream come true, everyday can see dear at Spring, can go Spring everyday :D

Anyways, at night, I served customer lh. So got this boy, he want buy the north star shoes.
Asked me get size, than he say that he want to immediately wear it, so I help him tie shoe lace lh.
I say, "Who tie finish this shoe lace, win! Got money one" haha! :D
Ish, I also think I'm like Himawari only, ==" hahaha! :D I can't help it.
(pantang see handsome boy, but I still kesetiaan with dear^^ Love dear so much :D)

Oh2! Before go back, I got panic. :( Got one customer come in lh, asked get size.
I try to find the shoes with the article 561-6114, but I couldn't see the article. I got confuse between 561-6144 and 561-6114. :( I see 6144, and get and give to the customer. To get it pun I take out all the boxes of shoes. All spread on the floor. But then 6144 is the wrong article. So the customer angry lh cause not the same. I got scolded :'( I went in the store, and beg Raymond to help me serve the customer. huhuhuhuhuhuhu!~~ But he don't want. So then, I tell Raymond that the shoes same article but different content. So I find for 6114, I couldn't find the size, so I take out all the boxes and they spreaded on the floor too. Poor Joshua and Raymond :D
YEAH! Finally correct shoes. when I went into the store, Raymond told me that I took 6144 instead of 6114. I wrong read the article. haha! Bodo! =="
Haih! Mati me with Musa tomorrow :((

Stocks that arrived yesterday :)) The new half shoes very pretty you know ^^
cute :D But I'm not aiming for that, I'm aiming for the latest north star =))

Some day, you'll laugh about the days that once make you sad.

Dhaa ^^

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