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Priscilla Tawie
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  'Here lies Priscilla hope and dreams'
Posted at 6/22/2010 04:42:00 PM
Yeaaa..! I don't know why lh, but I start to have sleeping problem since Sunday night.
I couldn't sleep. (maybe to much read Vero blog, ==")
I don't know why, haiz! Is like I keep on thinking of my life.
How would it turn out? Haiz!

Yesterday, I asked myself whether I want to become a tv reporter or a newspaper reporter.
I always wanted to appear on TV. so maybe I'll become a TV reporter.
But then, I scared I get nervous out of nothing. haha! I'm not a good nervous-breaker FYI :D
So then, I see whether becoming a newspaper reporter has any benefits on it. But then, I scared I lazy do reports. :D hahaha! I'm always never punctual. sweat, =="
Now, I'm uncertain whether to become a reporter. haiz! But it has always been my dream to follow my father's footsteps. since primary 3. Now, why am I feeling doubtful?

I'm useless, I fail at every test, and at this rate, I won't think I even pass SPM. TT,
I even have no mood to even go to school looking at my failing test. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!

Somehow, I realize, that I have no talents. :(
I can't do anything right, I'm a clutz and Life isn't helping me anymore. TT,
I'm struggling so hard to be the best, but it seems that the best is a million ways to go.

Just realizing this, really burn the hole in my heart.

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