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  'Bona Mana'
Posted at 6/11/2010 11:58:00 PM
10 June 2010
Ehehehe. :) Joshua always make people malu want bh! =.="
Got lh this few chinese boys. handsome you know one of them. He look like Augustus. Only Augustus no pimple, and he got. xP haha!
I serve him lh tek, he want buy the leather shoes for presentation. He ask me I'm not chinese har?
I answer, yea I'm chinese just don't know how to speak. He then say that he will buy those shoes if I serve him in chinese. haha! :D Then Joshua overheard us, at that time I was thinking of what to say. haha! Then Joshua say, "E-tian-tian" means a little bit lh in chinese :)
So I was like, "Ah. yea.. E-Tian-Tian. haha! xD
Then at counter, I told that guy that he look like Augustus, he got all blur. :P
Then when he's gone, Joshua told the supervisor that "Pris layan laki handsome dengan mesra"
Alu lh. =.=", I was like, "HEY!" haha! :P Then I do flying kick at him. wahaha!~ Pris-Do~
I serve all customer equal bh. :P Well, If I see the customer very friendly and can joke type I'll serve them like I serve my friends bh. :P haha!

+Ah Phin got new phone ar. jealous I see. xP haha! I told her sure she will become phone addict. LOL.


11 June 2010

Today is handphone day! :D haha! no lh. This morning me, Joshua, Raymond and Ah Phin talk bout phones. Actually, the phone that all Malaysian's, well not all. Some lh. Rarely~ erm.
Is not original. xP haha! not to say it's fake lh. But yea~ Unless it's made from the original country. Like for example, nokia is from Finland. If it's made in Finland, it's original :)

Pris: *test phone in Nokia centre* -phone finish battery-
Sales assistant: apahal?

Pris: Low bat. hahahaha! erm. Ne original kh?

Sales assistant: Sebenarnya kn,, kalau handphone yang original harga dia rm6000+. Ne made in China.

Ngahahaha! :D Anyways, I learn that Nike and Adidas also fake. not original. If original would cost a lot more than rm100+ :P

This morning, when I arrived Spring, I so clever go and use the lif. :D
When I'm at 2nd floor, I open the door, and it couldn't open. Still lock. hahaha! xD
Waste my time use lif only. =.=" Last2, I come late to work. haiz!
Oh! then after cleaning, me and Ah Phin go celcom to pay her bill but can't pay cause system down. Then we go see at contact lens :) At Eyesight Optic it was kinda expensive.
But then we tried Jee Kwong group. The optician told me that I was still young to use contact lens. It's actually not recommended for under 18 to use contact lens as it might swell up your eyes. Cause our eyes are still growing. o.O,, patah my harapan~ xD
Musa was like, "Harh! UNDERAGE! masih dibawah bimbingan ibu bapa" :P

I feel so challenged when my supervisor and Ah Phin praise Joshua cause he know how to speak chinese better than me. :(
So, just now, I decided to serve my customer in chinese :)) haha!
My 1st time was okay, spoke chinese from start to last. It when well. Till the 2nd customer.
I didn't understand what he was saying. so yea,, :D haha!
But I will try my best tomorrow. hehexx :)) such a waste that I'm chinese but don't know how to speak. LOL :D

Oh and! Just now, dear call me when I want to take shoes size :P Dh lh have to climb to take the shoes. So I talk to dear while climbing and searching for the shoes :P
Suddenly when I want go down, I fell down. Ouuu~ my ass hurt. haha! Everyday sure got one time I will fall down. :P Musa pun angry2 with me. haha! :D
"Adakah patut time ambik kasut ya sempat bergayut"

Picts ;)

Those are from Axxezz, the shop opposite of Bata :)

The BBG, Bata badge my supervisor gave me :)) It's actually a free gift from one of the shoes, but she let me have it. so cute ^^

Dear give de bracelate :))

Fifa World Cup just started. Now it's Africa versus Mexico :)

Dhaa! ^^

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