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  'Budak nee'
Posted at 6/23/2010 07:23:00 PM
Budak nihh!~~ ,,
I miss the way how Musa always sigh at me like this :)

Last night I went to Clinic Dr Dominic Songan but it was close. Asshole! :P
Pity dady wasted time, oil and energy. haha!
So this afternoon just now, we went there :) ehehhee..
The bill, was.. OMG! o.O, RM114. :O

Before go to the clinic, dady bring me go 4 points to attend a function :)
The Lauching of Shell fuel V-Power 76 :P haha!
People thought I was one of the media ^^
And the funny thing is, I didn't fell asleep during the long speech :D haha!

Pict ;)


This morning in school, I got lecture by Cikgu Quek about my face, =="
He say that I'm a girl should always take good care of my face. haha! :D
He even say that he want jampi me, =="

Nothing much today :)
I think I'm back to my old self. haha! :D I think lh. :|

More Picts ;)

Last night Jeffrey asked me to teach him to do he's BM homework :) haha!
I so clever :D +Jason say that I teach budak kecik stupid things, :P

My medicine+toner :D


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