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Posted at 6/21/2010 02:05:00 PM
Yesterday morning, when I woke up, I felt as if there was something really really wrong going on.
haha! Maybe I'm to used to working already :)
I woke up at 9+am, suddenly my heart felt so painful of something. I cried :'D
haha! I don't know was it because of Jason or was it because of me missing work? I don't know lh.
Then I cried till I sleep :)) The whole day my eyes pain ar! TT,
Woke up at 11am, and immediately watch Cinderella Stepsister :D haha!
Oh yeah! Dady come back from Sri Aman ^^

Then after that, we go out roaming. Actually my plan was to straightened my hair, but when I got to the saloon, the girl say that my hair is to short to get straightened. sweat!
haha! :D Actually what she meant was that my hair will end up worser if I straightened it cause it is at shoulder length. My hair might get bend by my shoulders. haha! :D
So I just cut my hair loe. ^^ Fifi say that my hair look like Hayley Williams :D

Well, erm... front can say same lh. Just that her one is longer by a few centimeters :D
Then my back hair is layer thin :)) It looks straight :D hahahaha!
I'm satisfied with the back, just that my front hair look weird. ==" maybe I'm not used to it! :P
I wonder what Jason will say, o.O.. ahahaha! :P
+I lazy want camwhore. haha! shy shy.. LOL~

This morning when I go school, many people stare at me. o.O, I shy! haha! :P
Maybe they were staring at my huge ribbon. haha! Cute you know that thing. ^^ It make me look like an anime character. hahaha! Mel say that I look like a korean/japanese. :P LOL
Kembang my hidung,,

Anyways, yesterday I go Tabuan Plaza there walk walk loe. The shop at the second floor already open. yay! :D I bought so many things, including fifi and mommy new sandals. :O
I bought myself a shirt, and a beg. :P My money spent yesterday was around rm150+, :O
Now my salary left, RM150+RM20 :P

Oh2, I always wanted a description shirt because I don't have any(sad), so I bought one yesterday. It says, "I WISHED FOR YOU AT 11.11PM"
I want to wear it when I meet Jason^^, haha! :P
Oh2, I took two shirts actually. Another one was "I BELIEVE IN MAGIC", but the description was so lame. So I just took the 11.11pm shirt and I simply put the magic shirt. haha!
I told the sales assistant that I wanted to buy the 11.11pm shirt, then she took the magic shirt and say, "Ini takmaw lh?" , I was like, "ahaha! kantoi!"
Then when at counter, she go and gossip about me to her other friends in iban. =="
She think I don't know ar! eeehh!~~~ She say me useless, take shirt don't know how to put back.
Bah! You pekerja malas betul! ==" sabar sajalh~~

Semester 2 of school start. ish!
I got back a few of my papers today. I did really bad. Fail for maths and biology, TT.
And the rest all nyawa nyawa ikan one.
I felt like giving up school. haha! :P Feeling very weak at this very moment.
Wish I had a brains of a braniac. wouldn't that be easier for me. haha!
I have no talents :(

Yesterday I can't sleep. After watching New Moon, I lie down on my bed at 12+, but still, I can't close my eyes and sleep. I keep on tossing and turning and thinking. o.O
Haha! I think of me and Jason honeymoon. ^^ haha! Bayangkan we two under the moon, picnic-ing at a beach. waaaa!~~ :P



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