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Posted at 6/29/2010 03:15:00 PM
I think I will try to love my books more than anything.
haha! my results are that bad. whoa!

Today got senam-robic at school ar. Quite fun lh :) I think I got healthier by 20% liao.
Then after that, got Kuiz Koperasi :) Hope I win. haha! :D I long time already didn't win anything bh. +speaking of winning, yesterday Mel asked me to see the notice board. Got my face.
I see lh. Then I WTF over there :D My face come out in the olahragawati section. haha! :D
Pris+Olahragawati=impossible :D

Anyways, today is Cikgu Anita last day :'( tomorrow got new teacher replace her. haiz!
she is indeed the most LOVED teacher in the hearts of Betanians/10 :)
Got party for her some more today. haha! I paid RM5 the other day to contribute in buying a cake for her. so nice the icing ^^
so long already didn't eat cake. haha! :D Will definitely miss her :'(

How to get away from a teacher after PJK lesson? -It's for the ones who are lazy to change back into their uniform.

After PJK;
Teacher: Why you didn't change your shirt?

Student: After recess teacher. now so hot!

After Recess;
Teacher: Why you didn't change your shirt?
Student: Alang2 nia. Almost want go back. no need change liao. :D

My trick :) haha! So much excuses lh this Priscilla. :P
Oh! but this only work if the teacher after recess didn't asked you and the last period teacher asked you. understand? nope? me too! =)

BTW, I'm single again. After 3 months plus. :D This is the second shortest relationship I had. :) haha! or was it the third. o.O.. I forgot. ahahah! :D

Moral Of the story; Just cry your feelings out. It will definitely make you feel better :)


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