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  'Dear diary'
Posted at 6/01/2010 12:55:00 AM
haha! My 4th day of work seems kinda fun? :)

This morning, I saw dear colleague, the guy going to the toilet. I tell Ah Ping I want tegur him.
So when he come back from toilet, I walk towards him and ask him about dear :D
I ask him whether dear already got girlfriend not? :P He ask me to go agak dear at shop.
haha! :D He must have thought I'm one of dear admirers. pui arh! xD.. I more high than admirers :)

Then, today I always talk2 with Daus :) I even kenakan him balik for lying to me. xD
He told me that got this girl is he's ex lh. I see like, impossible that girl ever date him want.
so I don't believe. He dare me to ask that girl. haha! :D
I real2 go and ask the girl, then the girl was like, "HUH?". Daus terus marah me gila :P
Who ask him dare me?? I remember the last time people dare me de. xD
Awh!~ He's book got thrown from the third floor. :D

Anyways, today don't have Raymond. He go back home for Gawai.
BTW, HAPPY GAWAI people! :))

O yeah! Just now got this old lady. well, not so old, cukup makan xD
She ask me why my shoe no shoe lace. I told her that I purposely atur my lace like that.
Then she ask me how I do like that and why?
I told her it's much more easier than having to tie your shoes everything you want to wear it.
+The way I tie it, is much more convenient and save energy and time. xD
Then she say that the younger generation generates many new things. I told her that the younger generation in my old age will be smarter :)

Dear give oreo just now :)) I haven't eat cause no mood want eat cause me and him fight.
haiz! all because of chacha puling me here and there. :(
didn't even give me chance talk to dear. nevermind2. it's dear fault also, who ask so bad temper.
+Hate it when the situation is like this. headaches arh! :(
After break, i terus no mood and always stare at empty spaces thinking of this.

Before go back, I spon Daus eat ice cream. But spon him 50cents nia. xD
The ice cream not really nice lh.
Me and him fever already still want eat ice cream. :P
Now I sore throat. TT, painful lh. Maybe by next week I no more voice liao. *tears*
and the air conditional at Spring today is in a low temperature. damn cold today. TT
Or maybe, I fever? haiz! don't know lh.

Daus want resign at the end of the week. TT, sad. I just get to know him.
He so weird. =.=" , Musa weird, but not as weird as him. pa kh~
He go and sit on the 3rd floor of the cupboard, then go and shock me till death arh, =.="
Gay punya laki! Dh lh already got bini still want menggatal. xP
haha! :D


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