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  'Die loe!'
Posted at 6/10/2010 07:26:00 AM
Yesterday was one asshole day.

When I arrived, only the boys arrived first. So I with them lh. Then dear see.
OMG! :'( I kena marah teruk2 lh. TT, He called me a liar. I think sure he want to revenge one. :(
Please don't let it happen! TT,

I got so guilty, so I decided to chia dear eat Silhoutte pizza. don't know nice or not. LOL
I write a not on the box and ask Kevin go and help me deliver. xD
haiz! TT,

Before going to K-Box, Harry always call-call force me and Hui Sze to fast2 come.
Pity Hui Sze eat only 5 minutes ar. :P haha!
I bring Hui Sze go see dear, OTW up the escalator, I nearly drop. Then I screamed like apa only. :D haha!

At K-Box, our bill arrive with an amount of RM107. :D Lucky got enough money. =="
We sing from 1+ till 5+ ar. swt~ We didn't get to watch any movie though cause not enough time :( I want to watch Letters To Juliet!! eeekk!!~~

Yang sleep :P

Them two like drunk like that xD

When I want go eat with dear, I sempat buat bodo in lif ==
I go and press 3, then the door not yet close, so I go and press the close button. Then the door almost close, I press the open button. Then I press close again.
Then when close and OTW down, I press open again. The lif was making odd noises. =="
I was like, "AWH SHIT" haha! :D
Lucky I made it alive.

I'm sorry :'(


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