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Posted at 6/26/2010 01:27:00 PM
haha! :)

25th June 2010

After 5 days not doing what I've done for 3 weeks I really feel empty, :(

Anyways, after school me and fifi went to Spring :) ehehe.. want watch movie with Jason.
But Jason bring us go Lotus Cinema, at Parkson there. LOL.
He say Spring so boring, =="

We watch Toys Story 3. Awesome! But we went in late cause we arrived late, and we left early cause he's mum want to go back. :P
From Parkson there we walk to Telang Usan Hotel, :) ehehehe..
Meet my mama in law for the 2nd time again. haha! :D
Jason got lecture by he's mum in front of me. He's mum even asked me to tell him off. :P
I've tried, :'( But he don't want to listen. haiya!
He's convict are, coming back from work late, going out late at night, erm.. what again?
Oh! always spend money. haha! :D
Then he's mum asked me to asked him not to always spend money. I was like, How can I tell him to don't always spend money when I'm like that to! haha! :D
I thought he know how to keep money, haha! cause he always lecture me not to spend a lot of money. LOL :D

After that, driver come. :) He send me and Fifi go Spring back cause I didn't take my deposit yet from my supervisor :P haha!
Oh! I wanted to buy a belt too! But I got to tempted to buy 1 bodyglove shirt and 1 oreef shirt.
haha! :D So then, last2, I no money buy belt. Nevermind lh, also I seldom use :)


I go in Bata :))
Raymond and Musa all scream my nickname :D HIMAWARI!~~
Got new kid loe, replace Joshua. :) haha! He's act same like Joshua also. Always confuse with the Bubblegummers size. LOL :D
My supervisor say nobody can replace me. I learn fast and my memory good. :P ahaha! (haoliao)

Picts ;)


Moral of the story; To judge someone, you have to judge yourself first ;)

Dhaa :P

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