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  'Gah! so full'
Posted at 6/17/2010 11:35:00 PM
Seriously :D

Just got back from Beta Night BBQ :)
It was okay? I guess? haha! I played truth and dare with the Lee's and Cassandra and Joyce =)

I got dared to kiss Hui Sze crocodile and post it on facebook, o.O
haha! I dared Jeremy to molest Keith. hahaha! :D

When almost go back, dear come leh ^^ with Lister and he's gf, Qistina. LOL
Malu me!~~ :'( hahahaha! Haiz! so full ar... =="


I got dared by Soon :) he asked me to tell the whole geng about Jason.

My boyfriend name is Jason Joseph. He is chinese mixed bidayuh.
He is ex gaporian. Now he is 20 and currently working at Spring ;)

hahaha! :D
His useless but I really love him :)

Hows work hoe? Today is Joshua last day. haha! I won't miss him :D
I hope I don't cry on my last day. LOL
I go back early leh today. 5pm already pack my bags :)
When dear at outside shop there, my supervisor tengah check my bag. haha! :D
She say that I so celaka cause I quickly pack my bag cause I know dear want come liao. LOL
hahaha! :D
Then we go out Spring buy food :)) ehehe. I eat burger nia. Don't want eat so much. :)

Anyways, just now, I serve one customer lh. He want buy shoes for walking.
Joshua say that his an arabian. from he's look. Quite handsome but not my type. haha!
Then, he want try the weinbrenner shoes, but don't have he's size.
So he try another color of weinbrenner, got he's size but he don't really like it.
So I recommend Nike loe. :D (purposely want cause Nike expensive, commission high bh)
But then he's not interested. So he go find the office wear. But can also for walking :)
He ask me whether the weinbrenner(another one) nicer or the bata office wear.
I say both okay leh. First he ask me bout the weinbrenner, I say ok leh. He say he don't want ok. He want beautiful. So I answer, "Ok loe. So beautiful ar~~" haha! :D
Last2 he buy the Bata Office wear cause I say nicer leh ^^
Joshua, Musa, Raymond all say me Himawari. sweat ar! =="

Oh2! Just now got two boy come to see my supervisor cause want ask for vacancy.
After that, my supervisor show me the book of people who ever asked for vacancy there.
I read and read, till I see one familiar name.
RAYMOND SIAU AIK SUNG! ahaha! one of my ex. :D ahhaha! he ever asked for vacancy there but tak diterima :P I laugh ar when I see. haha!
I told them that is my ex. hahaha! sweat! such a coincidence. after that, I call Mel and tell her the story. LOL :D

Tradisional BBQ vs Modern BBQ :D

I love you dear ^^


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