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Posted at 6/12/2010 11:11:00 PM
Just now I saw Chixing! walao~
Just yesterday I ask him come see me at Spring if he free, today terus he come see me. :D
hahaha!~ He looks different. o.O, I think cause already so many days didn't go out.
Maybelh? :P haha!
I shock see him ar. =.=" sweat~~

Today Joshua sick ar. pity him~ :(
Anyways, today less customer bh. =.=" Either bankrupt or busy watching world cup. :P
Speaking of World Cup, just now Musa, Raymond and Daus look at the sales poster up the wall.
They act as if it was a plasma screen tv. Then they were like cheering as if they were watching football. :D When customer enter, they all look up. haha! :D sakai kia~~ ahahahaha! xDxD

Today my commission is the highest ^^ Beat Musa and Raymond. wahahaha! ;D
Happy2 ^^ +today I alim2 leh, didn't go out with dear :'( I sit down in shop only when dear go out. haiz! When dear sit down in shop, I pulak terhegeh2 go out. haiz!

This morning is the launching of Chevrolet Cruz at Spring :)) Very cool ^^
Although I'm not a big fan of cars, I still feel excited when this kind of thing appear. haha! ;D
Some more if got test drive the car, got free toys story umbrella and cap. waaa!

oh! this morning also got KayAnime. For anime fans :)) Same also,, I'm not a big fan of Anime but still feel like want to try out the cosplay costume. dh lh for free. :D haha!
Got karate some more. free some more. Got balloon too! but have to pay. Fortunately, (waa.. fortunate) Musa found a balloon on the chair of Bata. belongs to an unknown customer. haha!
And now it's mine :)) (like small kid)

Musa, Raymond and Ah phin :)) candid^^

Dhaa ^^

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