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Posted at 6/26/2010 02:18:00 PM
I hate going to school on Saturday. *sigh*

Today in school nothing happen lh :) Bored as usual. haha!

I like it how when I'm talking with my friends about a topic, then a new topic pop out unpurposely. haha! :D
It's like we're talking about a botol, then it jumps to a pencil case, then it jumps to a keychain.
haha! :D

Anyways, got this International English Test from Australia. We need to pay RM25 for it. It's not compulsory though. I want to join. But I no money. haha!
I want to buy new outfits and socks from sox world. haha! :D LOL. I want to change my wardrobe :) ehhehe.. teenagers bh kn? :P

+Dady went to the Heliport just now. He use helicopter to go to Sri Aman. Ah so cool. o.O
I want use too! :( haiz! but really scary lh i think. :D

I want to launch something new in my blog :D haha!
Merasmikan ^^
Now, for each post I want to put a least one moral-of-the-story :D haha!
I want my blog to be extraordinary ^^ cause it's at the same as others. LOL.
I want to be different :)

I got bash up by chacha ;D

Moral of the story; Don't be to sakai kia :D

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