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  'He's right'
Posted at 6/10/2010 08:42:00 AM
Chixing was right. :(
I'm happy but the fact is I'm sad. I'm laughing but the fact is it's fake.
I'm ok but actually I'm not.
I'm trying really hard to feel happy, but it's like a burden in me.

Finally I found someone I really really love. But I just waste my time with him. :(
It's like I don't appreciate him at all. Don't appreciate Love at all.
I need to learn. A lot.

Saya cuma seorang budak yang bodo yang tak pernah belajar dari kesilapan.
Mungkin saya masih muda?

I understand how angry and hurt you are. I understand how you will judge me at this moment.
I understand. But if love can give me another chance to love, can you?
I really love you. It's just that part of you doesn't love me anymore. It's feels like that.
I feel loveless.

Everyone around is so caring. Don't want me to get hurt.
I'm to stupid to listen advices. To stupid to even care of myself. The fact is I'll never learn.
Learn how to care of others, how to love. and maybe, Love isn't what as it seems to be.

They say that happiness comes when we don't care about it.
But it doesn't seem that way. For what I've experience had thought me that,
happiness comes to only who seeks for it. I seek to be happy! grrr,,
To earn it is just another story. But to seek it is much more easy. haha! :D
Yes, I want easy. :( But easy only comes in a million years.
All good things comes in a million years, but the bad things just happen in a dash. TT

I'm talking crap.

I just want my love back and happy! TT,

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