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  'It's not well'
Posted at 6/14/2010 11:20:00 PM
13 June 2010

Joshua didn't come cause he's sick. kesian~
Bored me, nobody to bully. haha! :D

Lunch go out with Jason and Abin ^^
first we go to Kenyalang, they want ^invest^ in money first. haha! :D
Then go King Centre to eat. haha!
Jason say if drink green tea all the time can get mandul/sterilise. :O
I gotta stop drinking it. or favour it. haha! :(
Then Abin say Jason got so many wifes. Got old wife, young wife, middle wife also got.
sweat~ =.=",, Then Jason say that he only got one wife ^^ :D

14 June 2010

As you all can see, today is not well :D haha! And I'm still laughing cause well, I was well entertained. No matter how high I laugh, I was still hurt deeply. TT,

Today I reminisce my time in Selection :) Really plus the pain in me. haha! :D
I miss working in SELECTION! I don't know why?
The fact that Bata is much more better than Selection, it doesn't feels that way.
I mean, the management in Selection is more strict than in Bata. I just don't understand why?
Maybe cause my love was left there. :D haha! ex-lover~ LOL.

Anyways, today I help wrap the shoes using the wrapper that I used to wrap vegies/fruits in Selection. I miss the old times. haha!
Having to repeat what I did with a little remix-es really make me happy. If only it was with my old friends. haha! I keep on remembering how me, Ying and Emmie would talk and talk and talk till Jojo scold. xD
Then I also remember my third day with Azmi. :'( Haiz! But even if I work at Selection also it won't be the same without Emmie, Ying, Evelyn, Scott and Eric :(

Bah! why I so emo? ==!!

Hah! yeah. I fight with Joshua just now. :D Running we go to the customer. :D
hahaha! Last2, I get the customer ^^

anyways, just now got this one china man. haha! :D The way he talk chinese is really different from the malaysian. If malaysian's chinese, it's easy to understand. But he's chinese was so twisted. xD My head blur-blur look at him. Dh he smell like alcohol. =="
He ask Musa in chinese for insoles. Musa also don't know at first what he talk lh, but then the guy show he's shoes. Then Musa was like, "Awh. Insole kh?".
Daus and Raymond laugh. :D They say that Musa can understand chinese. haha! :D
Musa bring the expensive insole, the guy was saying something. Then, he was like taking out he's insoles. Musa blur. :D Then Musa go and take the B-First shoes insoles and give to him.
haha! :D Daus was like, "Pandey Musa. Nya minta insole murah, diberik kaw insole mahal. dh kaw madah insole kh? kedak lh nya paham pa kaw madah"
ahahahhaa! :D

Then after I dinner, I felt like eating bread =) So Daus suggested that me, Joshua and him share money to buy the bread at The Health Circle. :P Daus go and buy one loaf of bread. sweat drop I see. But nevermind leh. It was nice ^^
Daus wallet so long and big but only got 15cents. hahaha! :D Useless~ He's money all spend by watching movie with he's girlfriend every week :D

Then at night, Joshua said that the silica gel can dissolve water. So I open 2 silica gel, steal from the shoe box and put it into Daus pail, and pour water into it. :D haha!
Nothing happen leh. Daus and raymond was like, "Cayak juak kaw ngan Professor Josh nya"
Bluerk! :P

Before go back, Daus and Joshua sempat berjoget :DD


I want straightened my hair this Thursday, before going to the Beta Night BBQ :D

Dhaa ^^

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