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  'Kepak me'
Posted at 6/01/2010 11:52:00 PM
Aok, Kepak ku ehh :(

Today, time goes so slow. TT, If yesterday, so fast.
But when see dear, the time so fast. =.=" purposely want.

Anyways, today not yet finish cleaning, customer already flood the place. MYGOD!
I never feel so tired before. TT,
Compare to selection, I think selection better cause at least not need to serve the customer so much. Dh they so banyak macam some more, =.="

I got scolded by two customers just now.
The 1st one, not purposely knock against her bh. Actually like this the story,
I want to avoid from hitting her, but at last, her hand hit my body. ouu! It hurts!
Then she was like sorry2. I didn't give any response cause I was about to go to the store room to get a pair of shoes. Then after saying sorry, she said again, "eh! Lu yang langgar saya dulu"
I was like, =.="
I didn't ask her to apologize. Lucky I very blur-blur type. If not die she dipolah me later. haha!
*devil horns*cheeky smile*

Then the 2nd customer, I was sitting down, night-dreaming(cause it was night), then their was this family of 4. The mother talk to me, asking me about a pair of shoes for her son in chinese.
I didn't know she was talking to me. So I ignore her. I didn't even know that she wanted to ask me about the shoes. Grr,, Then as I was night dreaming, I heard the father say, "LACK OF DISCIPLINE" *shock*. I turn back, and ask what they want? Then I serve them. xP
I was kinda offended by the father. How dare he say my ^alim^ face LACK OF DISCIPLINE. err~

Oh2! I got free lecture from my supervisor ^^
She say that she saw dear and me. She ask me not to waste my time if I only want to see him.
She say that, she don't want my future to get ruin. And so on lh.
I was nodding at her. Didn't know what exactly to tell her. LOL. :) "I APPRECIATE IT MIE"
Oh! I call her mummie ^^, But it feels awkward each time I said it. I have no other choice though. haha! :D

Me and Daus kinda close today. We always gossip with each other. I helped him run away from getting a scold by the supervisor. xP
I even help him by looking for a job for him. cause he want to quit. I ask him work with dear ^^
LOL. I think he'll work with dear. no doubt want. cause the pay very high bh.
Oh2! He also got tell me so many things that happen in Bata. :O,,

+After five days of work, working in Bata is more painful then in Selection. At least Selection got shifts, 1 hour meal break, offs-day. At Bata, no shift, everyday full. DIE! No meal break! Limit time also don't know? If you take a long time to eat, your salary get deducted. DIE!
And offs-day? This week I no off-day cause Raymond still on holiday. But I don't mind ^^
But still, at Bata can message, can sit. Can eat anytime you want. At Selection can't message, sit also must do it secretly. Eat according to meal break time.

I bought the north-pole shoes already. So cute ^^ ,
It looks real cute especially with my new socks that I bought at Sox-World and my jeans.
Awh! Just want to drop looking at it. xP
But it bit me ankle. TT, real pain now. My ankle behind skin got peeled off.
Ah Ping and dear say that I must bite any new shoes before using it cause it's a taboo do so.
Otherwise, the shoes will end up bitting you. Ouu~ TT,

Dhaa :)

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