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  'Malu I'
Posted at 6/04/2010 11:22:00 PM
Haha! Yesterday got pondan come :P kcian Daus yang layan him :D

*Pondan A duduk terkankang*
Pondan B: Sikda prempuan duduk dak yh oi!
Pondan A: Dulik ar!
Daus: Aok lh. Sikda pmpuan duduk dak yh.
Pondan A: Apa punya pondan!?
-In Daus head- : Ngaku jwak yh pondan :P

I tahan laugh see them :D

Today I sentiasa dimalukan oleh Daus, Musa and Raymond :(
Nang sakit hati ku dipolah uhh~
I tell my supervisor that maybe tomorrow I no transport home. She ask me choose to tumpang between Daus, Musa and Raymond. I say I don't want choose. Cause all three of them use motorcycle. If they use car, can also. Musa ask me why I don't want use motorcycle?
I malu want say that if use motorcycle looks so intimate bh. =.=
Then he pun think laen2 :( He say me the type of girl who wants rich guys only to spend their money. I was like, I'm not that type of girl :(
Then from this small topic become one big embarrassing topic. TT,
So long the story xP

Oh2! Just now before break, I fall down the shoe-shelf again cause I kelam kabut want go break with dear. dh dear already wait so long. =.=", haiz! :(
my ass so painful cause everyday sure got 1 time I fall down. :P haha! clutz!

Oh and, before break also, me, Daus and Raymond make perjanjian Britain :D
Daus and Raymond like to lie to me, =.=" they think I stupid.
So I dare them to go Kenyalang buy dvd cause they say they want go out at 6pm. purposely choose the time same as my time. ==, They purposely want cause they know I want break with dear. Huh! So dare-dare till got contract some more xD haha!
Daus go out, I dare him to come back within 10 minutes. When he come back, it's 5 minutes till 5.50 :P Then when he give me the disc, it's the disc from the store. He think I don't know want. =.=" so I say that he lie want. He say no lh! :P
I go and change the content of the disc, and played it. haha! :P kantoi~~
But then, he still want defend himself. bodo! =.=" I already win this case he still want defend.

Today less customer. My sales also less :'( but at least for once I'm higher then Daus lh^^

Oh yeah! Today Joshua come see my supervisor :) haha!
I forgot to ask her whether she want to take him not? :P LOL~

Dhaa :)

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